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LIFE-CHANGING: Standford Medical Student Discovers 1 Secret Mineral That Helps You Lose 52 lbs In 28 Days

Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About This

January 15, 2021

Isn’t that quite the before and after?

That’s Sarah Thomas, a top medical student at Standford University.

Within 28 Days, she was able to melt away 52 lbs! No diet or exercise needed.

Her medical specialty is nutrition. And in her experiments for her senior thesis, she stumbled upon a new fat blocking code no one has heard of before.

To make sure this wasn’t a fluke, she had her aunt Alyssa try it out:

Alyssa lost 39 pounds within a month.

Sarah’s neighbor Kasey from her hometown tried this new fat blocking code too:

Kasey dropped 75 pounds within 2 months.

And one participant in her thesis study, Jason, saw outstanding results:

Jason lost over 130 lbs in under 3 months with Sarah’s help.

Even Sarah’s Standford professors and their colleagues were stunned.

Despite their skepticism, she defended her thesis on stage and claimed:

“I can get anyone to see similar results. If you’re struggling with your weight…YOU TOO can lose 52 lbs in 28 days. Without dieting or exercise. Thanks to this 1 secret mineral.”

The crowd was floored. People were going nuts.

Standford professors were gossiping amongst each other. It all seemed fake to them.

But, Sarah wanted to prove them wrong.

She wanted to show people that this 1 secret mineral does exist. And that it’s the key to blocking any fat gain.

The key to losing 52 lbs in 28 days.

Wouldn’t want to lose that much weight so fast?

Don’t worry. You can see these results very soon.

But before we show you how, let’s talk about how Sarah made this possible.

How Sarah Made This Discovery

Sarah discovered this revolutionary fat loss solution during her 2nd year of medical school at Standford.

With all the classes and studying, eating healthy and exercising were the last things on her mind.

That’s why she gained over 50 pounds during her first year of med school.

And as a nutritional specialist, she was ashamed. Especially since it was her mission to help other people stay healthy!

But her priority at the moment was to study hard and get those high marks to get an ideal internship after Standford.

During one late night of studying in the library, Sarah was looking for a certain book for her research.

In the process of this search, she stumbled upon this one area of books. She would later find out this was a restricted section.

She picked out this one book that was similar to what she needed.

As she was flipping through the pages, it was the wrong book. However, she came across this one chapter called “The Fat Blocking Code”.

“There’s no way this is possible!” she thought.

Yet, she kept reading and reading.

Then she looked up and noticed it was indeed a restricted section.

But this information was just too good. So she took down lots of notes and snuck off to photocopy all the juicy pages of info.

She kept thinking of her mission of helping people stay healthy and lose weight.

However, in the library bathroom, she took a quick glance at the mirror. And realized that she needed to fix her weight problems before she could help others.

Looking back at her notes, Sarah knew she had to do something with this.

The New Fat Blocking Code

She needed to put this New Fat Blocking Code to use.

Fortunately, she had access to the medical school’s nutrition lab, which allowed to experiment with this Code.

The Fat Blocking Code was pretty simple, so that lab had all the ingredients she needed.

After a few months of blood, sweat, tears…trial and error…

…Sarah was able to put together the perfect combination of ingredients.

This was all necessary to give this Fat Blocking Code a try.

Sarah put all her research to the test. And within 7 days, she already dropped 18 pounds.

Then after 14 days, she dropped another 15 pounds.

After 21 days, she dropped 11 more pounds.

And finally, after 28 days, Sarah dropped 8 more pounds.

That’s a total of 52 pounds in only 28 days!

Now you’re probably wondering…

…How Does The Fat Blocking Code Work?

This special code blocks all fat gain.

And that’s the reason many people like yourself struggle to lose weight. Even after all the dieting and exercising.

That one restricted book Sarah found in the Standford Library explained how the New Fat Blocking Code works.

Basically, Leptin is a hormone in your body that helps regulate your appetite.

This hormone sends signals to your brain to stop eating when your body is satisfied with food.

However, because of “leptin resistance”, that signal doesn’t reach your brain.

This results in you eating more even though your body has had enough food.

What the New Fat Blocking Code does is it fights against leptin resistance.

This then triggers the signals to your brain that you’re full. In addition, it triggers signals to speed up your metabolism.

The sources for that section of the book discuss the early experiments in the 1980s. And one patient who followed the New Fat Blocking Code was able to lose 40 pounds in 32 days.

So you too can block fat gain and lose lots of weight in a month’s time.


…What If You Have A Slow Metabolism Or Struggled With Weight Gain All Your Life?

Don’t worry.

Even if you have a slow metabolism. Even if you’ve struggled to lose weight all your life. Or even if just want to drop lots of fat before a big wedding or event coming up.

The New Fat Blocking Code handles that with ease.

Take 62 year old Gerald for example.

He was someone who struggled with a slow metabolism all his life. He’s an easy weight gainer.

However, when he tried this New Fat Blocking Code, his metabolism got so fast. Now he can eat pretty much whatever he wants.

And still stay in shape!

Look at Gerald go down from 225 pounds to 180 pounds within a month:

Then there’s Mary, 58, who wanted to lose weight for her daughter’s big wedding day.

While she only started following the New Fat Blocking Code 5 weeks before the wedding, she was able to drop 5 dress sizes!

She how Mary was able to drop down from 180 pounds to 130 pounds in record time:

And there’s also Stan, 49, who was overweight most of his life. He too had a slow metabolism.

Once he followed the New Fat Blocking Code, he was able to fit into his old clothes from his 20s.

Talk about a transformation!

Imagine being able to find into that suit or dress you haven’t worn in years. Or what it’d be like to look slim and fit in all your new pictures.

The New Fat Blocking Code can make all your weight loss dreams come true.

And don’t worry…

Your Weight Problems Are NOT Your Fault

Sarah knows what it’s like to struggle with her weight.

As a Standford med student specializing in nutrition, she knows this isn’t her fault.

And it isn’t your fault either.

When she dug deeper into her research, she found out some shocking news.

There are wealth Standford alumni who are part of the Big Pharma inner circle. And they fund a great deal of the studies and experiments that Standford professors conduct.

The professors’ legacy and livelihood depend upon funding from Big Pharma.

And guess what?

These are the same professors who were skeptical about her claims.

They were even in this picture together with Standford alumni who are known to be key players within Big Pharma.

Sarah even inquired about this one huge donation to her professor’s experiment. It was within the nutritional field.

However, she always wondered why her professor pushed for potentially dangerous and expensive pharmaceuticals.

Instead of safe, cheaper, and more effective natural weight loss solution.

Thanks to Sarah’s work and risk taking, you can now experience the benefits of the New Fat Blocking Code.

You’re the first of the public to hear this great news.

And Sarah even claims that…

This Is The Last Diet Solution You’ll Ever Need

You’ll never need another weight loss supplement, diet, or exercise plan again.


When Sarah found out about this New Fat Blocking Code, she had to develop some way for people to get this in their system.

Her research led her to the discovery of this 1 secret mineral.

The mineral makes the New Fat Blocking Code accessible to the general public.

And can help you lose 52 pounds in 28 days!

Unlike most weight loss solutions, this secret mineral promotes more consistent weight loss.

Over the long term.

% of Testers Who Lost Weight Consistently

  • Traditional Dieters
  • Secret Mineral Testers
Item Percent
13% 13%
97% 97%


You won’t experience only short term results.

And in case you were wondering…

…you don’t see this secret mineral in stores as Sarah just finished developing this formula. And that’s why your doctor most likely has never mentioned this mineral before.

Just imagine this…

…never experiencing a yoyo diet again. This is your forever diet solution.

You’ll only see slimmer days from now on.

And Sarah wants to remind you that…

This Time Of The Year Is The Best Time To Try This

Right now is the best time of the year to use this mineral.

Sarah and her team just created the first batches of this mineral.

And when it’s fresh is when the mineral is the most potent.

Faster…BIGGER…weight loss.

Average Pounds Lost After 1 Month

  • Older Batches
  • Fresh Batches
Item Percent
11 pounds 11 pounds
48 pounds 48 pounds

Average Pounds Lost

Her mineral case studies have shown bigger weight loss results in compared to the rest of the year.

Average Mineral Weight Loss By Month

  • Other Months Of The Year
Item Percent
11 pounds 11 pounds
22 pounds 22 pounds


But you better hurry, because this new supply is running out FAST:

Imagine if you were able to get this mineral before the current batch runs out?

You could fit into those jeans you haven’t worn in years.

You could eat whatever you want again…

…and not have to worry about your weight.

And you’ll just be a happier, skinnier you!

But why does Sarah want to produce this mineral?

Sarah Wants Others To Experience Similar Success

For the record…

…Sarah is not doing this for the money.

She just wants to help people lose weight like she did. It’s her life’s purpose as a future nutrition-focused doctor.

Every single diet out there – paleo…keto…vegan…

…and she’s done every workout craze like CrossFit, Zumba, Orange Theory…

…But none of them worked long term for her.

She needed to come up with something that works for the rest of her life.

And for YOUR entire life.

Soon you too can see weight loss results. That you’ve never seen before.

No need to restrict what to eat. How much to eat.

And no need for exercise.

Just imagine seeing your slimmer self in the mirror.


What Exactly Is This Mineral?

It’s called the Keto You.

And it gives your body that jump start needed to send the New Fat Blocking Code signals to your brain.

This reminds your body that you’re full and satisfied from what you ate.

Preventing fat gain.

In addition to blocking fat, the Keto You puts your body into Ketosis.

This makes your body a fat burning furnace.

However, usually, to achieve Ketosis, you need to follow the strict Keto diet.

And as Sarah and many others have experienced…

…it’s hard to stick with Keto for the long term.

The Keto You emulates what the keto diet does for your body and multiplies the result by 3x.

Just look at the average weight loss between keto dieters and Keto You users in Sarah’s experiments:

Average Weight Loss – Keto Dieters vs. Keto You Users

  • Keto Dieters
  • Keto You Users
Item Percent
6 pounds 6 pounds
22 pounds 22 pounds

Weight Loss Method

…and the best part?

You don’t need to diet or exercise to achieve those 3x results.

Check out this test between 2 patients.

Sarah had one woman follow the traditional keto diet for a month And another woman used the Keto You.

The woman who did traditional keto lost about 17 pounds:

However, the woman who used the Keto You, who did NO diet or exercise…

…she dropped 51 pounds in one month:

One of the few professors at Standford who supports Sarah’s findings says:

“This Keto You Sarah discovered is revolutionary. It’s easy to use. And you have the fastest weight loss results without any diet or complicated exercise plan. No side effects too. Highly recommended.”

Say goodbye to exhausting exercises…to such restrictive diets…

…and say hello to a happier, easier weight of losing weight.

But you might be wondering how you get this in your system.

It’s simple!


This Is The Easiest Weight Loss Solution To Use

Why is this the easiest way to lose weight?

You simply take the mineral twice a day. And you too can lose 52lbs in 28 days!

No need for diet or exercise either!

No counting calories or food restrictions.

No exhausting workouts.

Don’t believe this?

Check out how Diane lost 50 lbs in 27 days:

She said, “I was shocked. When I went through Sarah’s testing, her team told me not to diet or exercise at all. Just take this mineral twice a day. Losing 50 pounds in under a month was never so easy.”

And here’s Edward’s results in 29 days:

He said, “I hate doing cardio or any exercise. And don’t get me started on dieting…however, Sarah said just to follow the simple directions on taking the mineral. 29 days later I’m 57 pounds lighter. I even drank beers and ate pizza every weekend. Thank you, Sarah!”

Here’s even a comparison of people doing traditional diet and exercise vs. testers of the Keto You:

Average Weight Loss – Keto Dieters vs. Keto You Users

  • Traditional Diet And Exercise
  • Keto You Users
Item Percent
10% 10%
92% 92%

Weight Loss Method

It’s a no brainer.

92% of the Keto You actually lost over 30 pounds over the course of one month, while only 10% of people accomplished that with traditional weight loss methods.

NOTE: Testers of the Keto You were allowed to eat any kind of food. No restrictions on amounts or types of food. Also, they were allowed to drink alcohol too.

Imagine being able to enjoy all the food you love. And not having to exercise…

…to achieve your dream body.

Wearing that swim suit or trunks on the beach with total confidence.

Because you’re in the best shape of your life.

So losing all this weight fast is great and all…


Is There A Risk Of Gaining All The Weight Back?

No, there isn’t a risk of gaining the weight back.

Kelsey was a yoyo dieter all her life. And she used all the different diets and workout crazes out there.

Nothing would keep her weight don’t forever.

However, when she took part in Sarah’s tests, Kelsey dropped 47 pounds in 26 days:

Now the real test was 6 months later.

Kelsey was still able to maintain her slim, toned body.

Robert didn’t change a thing after losing weight with the Keto You, and even lost an extra 5 pounds 6 months after his tests with Sarah. He lost a total of 65 pounds:

Melissa, another one of Sarah’s testers wrote back 6 months after her weight loss:

“After losing 35 pounds in 30 days, I didn’t change a thing for 6 months. And guess what? I still look, weigh, and feel the same!”

Here’s a picture of Melissa’s progress:

If you’re a typical yoyo dieter, you can finally see what it’s like to keep the weight off…

…for good.

Now, you’re probably asking…

Is The Keto You Safe?

Because it’s a well-researched, natural mineral that Sarah discovered, the Keto You is very safe.

No side effects whatsoever.

In fact, look at this comparison of traditional fat burners to the Keto You:

% Who Experienced Side Effects

  • Traditional Fat Burner Users
  • Keto You Users
Item Percent
72% 72%
0% 0%

Weight Loss Method

72% of people who used traditional fat burners experienced side effects, while 0% of the Keto You users had side effects.

And see what some of these test patients had to say:

“The Keto You helped me lose 45 pounds and I didn’t experience any side effects.”
-Paul from Oakdale, CT

“I was skeptical about the Keto You…because traditional fat burners always made me jittery. But my body absorbed this mineral fine, and I was able to lose over 30 pounds in a month.”
-Michelle from Austin, TX

So if you’re on the fence about this Keto You, you have nothing to worry about.

Just imagine of all the weight you’ll lose with no effort at all.

Okay now…so the big question is…

How Do You Get Your Hands On The Keto You?

Well, today’s your lucky day!

Sarah finally got approval from her team and from investors to release this Keto You to the public.

In the form of Keto You

Each bottle of Keto You comes packed with the proper amount of the Keto You in each pill.

Sarah’s team put in millions of dollars into research and development of Keto You.

Normally, a bottle of this high quality weight loss solution would cost around $100 a bottle.

But…that’s not what you’ll be paying today for a bottle of Keto You.

We’ll get to the real price in a second, but first…

What Are People Saying About Keto You?

“I heard about Sarah’s successful tests, but I thought it was too good to be true. Well…23 days later I dropped a total of 47 pounds! God bless everyone else who tries Keto You.”
-Marie D. from Central Falls, RI

“Give it a try! I lost 25 pounds in a month.”
-Allison O. from Hoboken, NJ

“All my life I was overweight. No diet or exercise routine ever worked. Within 25 days, I dropped over 45 pounds for the first time in my life. Just popped in 2 pills twice a day. That easy. Thank you, Sarah!”
-Gary W. from Albuquerque, NM

“I was shocked when my friend suggested Keto You…and she even advised me not to exercise or follow a specific diet plan. In 30 days, I was able to drop about 50 pounds. It was unbelievable.”
-Kasey G. from New Haven, CT

“Lost 42 pounds in my first month! And to think I even stopped exercising once I started using Keto You. Highly recommended.”
-Megan L. from Philadelphia, PA

With all these raving reviews, you know that…

Sarah Did All This Hard Work Because She Cares

She understands what it’s like to have weight problems.

What it’s like to have her weight go up and down all her life.

And now that she has the perfect weight loss formula, she wants as many people out there to get their hands on Keto You.

Okay, so Sarah’s investors really don’t want her to do this, but Sarah just wants to help people lose weight…

…just like how she lost 52 pounds in 28 days.

Instead of paying $100 for a bottle of Keto You, Sarah worked out a limited time deal.

She’s now giving out FREE sample bottles of Keto You.

Just pay $6.84 for shipping!

Now if you’re still on the fence…

What Do You Have To Lose?

You have 2 choices.

Choice #1…you decide Keto You isn’t for you.

That’s fine.

You can leave this page and go on with your life. And stay in the same shape you’re in right now. Stay at the same weight.

There’s nothing wrong with that

Or…choice #2…you can take control of your life and get yourself a bottle of Keto You

…and drop 52 pounds in 28 days.

The choice is yours!

If you’re ready to lose all that weight today, click the button below and claim your FREE bottle of Keto You!


Note: Sarah and her patients used Keto You to lose lots of weight.

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