AI Expert Expresses Doubt Over D.C.’s Readiness under Kamala Harris

A leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert has raised concerns over Washington D.C.’s readiness to adopt new technologies… under the leadership of Vice President Kamala Harris

AI Expert Casts Doubt on DC’s Preparedness for New Technology Under Harris’ Leadership

Kevin Baragona worked as a software engineer. He recognized the potential impact of AI, which led him to start DeepAI in 2016. 

“On one hand, AI is amazing technology like the smartphone or the internet that can make us richer, more creative, more powerful,” said Baragona. “On the other hand, AI may be too powerful and too disruptive. Now we’re at a point where AI is as good as humans in [several] areas, or at least rapidly approaching it.” 

In an interview with Fox, Baragona expressed skepticism about the city’s ability to leverage AI advancements…

According to the expert, D.C. may not be ready to embrace the potential benefits of AI technologies. The concerns stem from a: 

  • Perceived lack of expertise
  • Understanding among city officials about AI’s intricacies and its transformative potential

Moreover, Fox asked Baragona whether he had confidence in Washington addressing the issues raised by AI. He responded, “Well, they put Kamala Harris in charge, so not really.” 

The expert suggested that the Dems need comprehensive knowledge and robust training programs. With these, D.C. could stay caught up in harnessing AI’s potential for various sectors such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Security

If used properly, AI could have significant implications for the city’s economy and overall competitiveness in the global landscape…

Baragona emphasized the need for an informed and proactive approach to its implementation. He underlined the importance of:

  • Investing in research
  • Immersing in education
  • Collaboration with experts in the field

These would ensure that D.C. would be able to:

  • Remains at the forefront of technological innovation
  • Effectively utilize AI to address its unique challenges and opportunities

By embracing AI properly, D.C. could experience significant economic benefits. Moreover, the city can maintain its position at the forefront of technological innovation.

Can Harris Be Trusted With AI?

Harris has sparked a debate on regulating artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

She expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with AI. These include biased algorithms and invasions of privacy. She emphasized the importance of striking a balance between:

  • Innovation
  • Safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals

Harris also called for comprehensive regulations to address these concerns. The Vice President stressed the importance of diversity in AI development. She also urges inclusivity to prevent biases and discriminatory outcomes.

Moreover, Harris emphasized the significance of working collaboratively with the following:

  • Industry experts
  • Policymakers
  • Civil society 

She proposed creating an AI Commission to provide guidance and oversight on AI development and deployment…

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