Bad News, Liberals: Biden Gives Up on $15 Pledge

When Biden announced that one of his first acts as president would be setting a $15 minimum wage across the country, liberals rejoiced…

Just days later, he gave up.

Yet again, Biden’s failed to do anything that he promised his base… here’s why that spells disaster for the dems in the midterms.

Whether you think the policy could help out American workers, or mean disaster for small businesses across the country, there was absolutely no ambiguity when Joe Biden promised he’d be seeking a $15 minimum wage for America.

There’s a reason he promised that… 

With over two thirds of the American people supporting the policy (including almost half of all Republicans), announcing his support for the $15 wage pulled in any number of positive headlines across the mainstream media. 

Of course, Biden didn’t actually care about the policy… he simply doesn’t care about anything except that which benefits his billionaire allies.

That’s why he took the first possible opportunity to abandon the policy. He wanted to look good, not to make a change.

What actually happened to give Biden the excuse he needed to abandon the policy?

A completely unelected, almost unknown ‘parliamentarian’ said that they should give it up. 

Most people have no idea what a parliamentarian is. There’s a reason for that… they’re almost completely irrelevant when there’s an even slightly competent president in power.

When the senate parliamentarian said no to Bush’s tax cuts back in 2001, he just fired them. It’s that simple – with a capable leader.

Instead, Biden and his team rolled over and abandoned one of their key policies. 

So like I said, bad news, liberals… you’re going to see this exact kind of cowardly backing down again and again throughout Biden’s term.

Of course, it’s different whenever the dems want to funnel more money to their allies. Those bills don’t get stopped… they don’t take no for an answer when they’re getting ready to pay off their team.

The thing is, no matter how much the mainstream media tries to pretend, even the most brainwashed dem voters end up realizing what’s going on… realize that the dems aren’t really fighting for them.

And that’s when they give up on voting. Just look at the Obama midterms for your proof.

In 2010, Republicans picked up most new seats any party had gained in any election since 1948, after dems spent years achieving absolutely nothing… in 2014, the dems fell even further.

So when the 2022 midterms come round… expect a complete dem collapse. 

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  1. GI Bridde

    It was not logical in all parts of the USA. It should be left up to the states what the minimum wage should be. It would close most small business.

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