Ben & Jerry’s New Anti Semitism Movement

Vermont-based Ice Cream brand Ben & Jerry’s recently announced that they would no longer sell their products in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” This came after the ongoing protest of the Israeli involvement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip of Palestine. 

In their announcement, they stated that the sales in the territories sought by the Palestinians are “inconsistent with [their] values.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis put out a warning to Ben & Jerry’s and their parent company Unilever, asking for them to be placed on a list of Scrutinized Companies that violate the state’s BDS law.

BDS states for [anti]-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions law, and it’s designed to put political and financial pressure on companies that target Israel. 

Being on this list means the board cannot buy stock from Unilever, or any of its corporate entities. The state would also be unable to contract with these companies unless they ended their boycott.  

Florida’s long-standing relationship with Israel has made this a problem for them. In his letter, DeSantis states that “as a matter of law and principle, the State of Florida does not tolerate discrimination against the State of Israel or the Israeli people, including boycotts and divestments targeting Israel.”

Several other states are also taking a hard look at their relationship with the company since this announcement, including Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. 

Florida and Texas are among approximately 35 states that have passed anti-BDS laws, 21 of which “explicitly include West Bank settlement boycotts in their definitions,” according to the Times of Israel.  

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the company out for making such a terrible decision. “Ben & Jerry’s decision to boycott parts of Israel is disgraceful and an insult to America’s closest ally in the Middle East.” 

Texas is also examining whether or not Ben & Jerry’s or Unilever have engaged in activities that violate the anti-BDS statute.  

Even states that haven’t implemented such laws – like New York – are also questioning the reports of Ben & Jerry’s involvement in BDS activities. 

This announcement has also sparked controversy in the religious community. Morton Klein, the national president of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), has strongly stated his opinion on this matter. 

One of the things that makes Ben & Jerry’s unique is their Kosher certification. This is something that Morton Klein believes should be removed from their products after their decision. 

By refusing to sell their ice cream in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the company has committed to “Economic Tourism.” Klein said that [Ben & Jerry’s] is siding with the terrorists and thats why it’s proper to call it economic terrorism.”  

“Were demanding that all cultural authorities around the world stop giving the kosher label to Ben & Jerry’s, it is not kosher to side with terrorists who want to murder Americans and want to murder Jews and destroy the Jewish state.”

Unilever, the parent company that owns Ben & Jerry’s has also decided not to condemn them for their actions… They just want to sit on the sidelines and pretend that nothing is happening right under their noses. 

Ben & Jerry’s is known for their somewhat controversial social justice activism, in the past, they have partnered with Colin Kaepernick to release a limited batch flavor that supported the racial justice movement.

They are known for creating products that are politically charged and comment on social justice movements, however, their most recent campaign might have been one step in the wrong direction.

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18 Thoughts to “Ben & Jerry’s New Anti Semitism Movement”

  1. NancyJ

    I don’t care a bit about Ben and Jerry’s ignorance. If they profess to be Christians then maybe it is time for them to go to a local library and ask for a Jewish Bible!
    Imagine their shock when they open the first page and discover that the are reading the first page of the Old Testement.
    In this time and age our country should stand up for our Constitution. In that revered document is declares that we have freedom OF religeon, not freedom FROM religeon.
    Wake up!!

    1. NancyJ

      Sorry should have edited that but there is no way.

    2. William D Martin

      They are both jews & support the Jewish sate , but not their occupation of those areas , so get it right.

  2. Hal Lemoyne

    I believe and agree with Gov DeSantis against ben & jerry’s anti semitism against our awesome US ally Israel

    I also believe that ben & jerry’s really need to be relocate to any islamic nation forcefully immediately

    1. doodles

      My fervent wish is for all Christian and Jews STOP purchasing their product. There are about a million other brands that are at least as good and most better. Remember, Karma is real, enjoy it!

  3. Debra M Flynn

    I only eat Breuer’s, but I would boycott Ben & Jerrys

    1. Debra M Flynn

      I meant to say Breyers

  4. Ken Skinner

    No more ben & Jerrys products coming intio my house OR supporting them in any way

  5. Richard

    neb & s’yrrej have this whole thing backwards. I think that they both have their Birkenstock’s strapped on too tight.

  6. BDS

    Quit buying Ben & Jerry’s when they felt the need to get into politics – bye bye!!!

  7. Chainlink700rt

    The Israeli’s are laughing at Ben and Jerry’s
    It’s not the only ice cream in Israel..
    Using ice cream? Are they serious?
    This only shows the stupidity of some companies that that supports this democratic delusion.

  8. Larry E Smith

    I hope Ben and Jerrys go bankrupt. I think its pathetic that they treat other countries like Israel the way they do. Personally I will NEVER buy their TRASH ice cream or anything else they are associated with.

  9. maria

    Ben @ Jerry are selfhating Jews, and hate Israel, UNILEVER supports them, so I boycott all UNILVEVERs mark

  10. Brontefan

    Any company, corporation, product or restaurant chain.. that is going to be political… is losing my patronage.

  11. Dennis Sumner

    Cohen and Greenfield were at the forefront of “social justice activism” in the 60’s and 70’s. They used the popularity of their product to spread their poisonous agenda all around my home state, and as they got bigger they influenced so many more non critical thinkers! Instead of supporting their ancestral people, they decided long ago that poor terrorists were more deserving!

  12. Wyatt Earp

    Who believes these two GAY MEN? NO WHERE ARE THEY CHRISTIANS! Don’t let them fool you! Bible tell you can’t serve two master! You decide to follow GOD OR SATAN! These two trying to claim a LIES! God doesn’t accept GAY PEOPLE ! BIBLE TELL YOU EITHER STOP BEING A HOMOSEXUAL IF YOU ACCEPT CHRIST! But you can’t accept christ and be gay! This doing by them to ISRAEL WHO ARE GOD CHOOSES PEOPLE IS AN ATTACK ON GOD! Death coming to both of them, and HADES IS NEXT!

  13. bob

    PISS on the inbred , asswipe , degenerate Liberals at Ben and jerry’s !!! We quit buying thier SOCIALIST ice cream 2 years ago .

  14. Douglas

    Ben and Jerry’s is crazy anyway

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