Biden Makes Gun Violence Even Worse

Once again, Biden makes another incompetent move to tackle gun violence. Yes, the same person who didn’t reprimand his son for owning a gun illegally…

Biden is so serious that he’s doing nothing to get the illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. Instead, he harasses law-abiding gun owners and gun stores… focusing on restricting rifles less known for their use in gun violence cases. 

There’s also a high chance Biden will use excessive fees, taxation, and burdensome regulations to put firearms out of reach for everyone except the rich and connected. 

The average American citizen – including gun owners without stockpiles of ammo – will effectively be disarmed… If this isn’t a direct violation of our Second Amendment rights then I don’t know what is. 

Republican Senator Tom Cotton pointed out the absolute ridiculousness of Biden’s plans during a hearing. He said, “He [Biden] wants to ignore the gun crimes that are happening in cities across America… while he takes away the rifle you have in your home to protect yourself from criminals.” 

Then he added, “So it’s not surprising that he nominated David Chipman, an anti-gun radical.”

As of now, David Chipman is stuck in limbo. His nomination is deadlocked in the Senate Judiciary Committee… and he’s not able to do anything. Now we’re seeing that Biden – an incompetent leader – assigned another incompetent person to fight gun violence.

2021 is the deadliest year for gun violence in the US in two decades. According to the Gun Violence Archive – as of July this year – more than 10,700 people have been killed in shootings.

Senator Cotton bluntly mentioned in the same hearing why we have such a large increase in crime.

  • We are letting violent, serious, repeat felons out of prison 
  • We are refusing to send these people to prison
  • We are harassing the police for doing their jobs and we’re slashing their budgets

He ends his statement with, “… that’s why we have a crime wave in America. Until we stop it, that crime wave will continue.”

Chicago is one of the most affected cities in the country. According to the Tribune, there have been 1,597 people shot in the windy city as of last month. 

Despite all these unfortunate events, the dem mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot still declared a decline in crime during a press conference last June. When in fact, data shows otherwise.

Another incompetent dem leader who can’t do her job right… is ruining our country. We can see how the dems don’t want to admit their faults and failures even when there’s already a crisis in front of them.

The problem right now is not just gun violence. It’s the leaders seated “not trying their best” to solve the issues at hand.

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14 Thoughts to “Biden Makes Gun Violence Even Worse”

  1. Ali

    Mr Joe Biden is an incompetent president
    Impeach immediately

  2. Alysa

    Joe Biden is unable to be president because he is incompetent.

  3. Wyatt Earp

    Only fool believes guns are the problem! That show their sense of intelligence is lacking in their brain! LES GUNS DOESN’T SOLVE ANYTHING! BUT GIVE THE CRIMINAL A GOOD CHANCE OF KILLING HIS VICTIM!



  5. Dennis Sumner

    Almost like they’re using it for nefarious purposes, eh? As long as thugs are stealin guns and killin people, they have their talking points!!

  6. Michael Morgan

    Gun violence is a result of single parent families, amoral behavior and toleration of the same amoral behavior. We allow the murder of the unborn, no we celebrate it. And you wonder why a black or brown of white child does not hesitate to hi-jack an automobile or or shoot a fellow human being. If an innocent child can be murdered (they call it ” terminate”) and people, probably the same people standing on the attached picture with signs and stupid grins on their faces holding anti gun signs thinking, like all stupid people that an inanimate object can kill unless a person uses it for that.

  7. martin smith lll

    For being soetoros puppet, biden is doing a fine job!!!!!!

  8. Rick. J

    You don’t need a gun to kill people you can kill with a car much easier and more people at one time, they only want American Guns so we can’t defend our self and the Second Amendment is to protect us from a out of control United States Government. Defend the Constitution We The People


    does anyone know why we can’t start a petition nationwide to remove this jerk of a president and his VP

  10. formermarine

    Prizzie bidet (aka pres biden) will be out of Our hairs and office sooner than he thinks if he can think

  11. formermarine

    mail Your senators and congressmen and tell them You are tired of leadership in Washington mentioning biden ,
    Pelosi harris and socialist as Your problems everyone . I have and about to do it again . If all patriots would call or E-mail the white house WE could shut down the phone lines and disrupt the internet for the east coast . contact Me here and We can set a time to do so . A Former Marine and I know and understand tactics (dirty tactics) >

  12. Preston

    Biden ,Harris Pelosi and Schumer should all be impeached immediately if for nothing else Loss of confidence in them, failure to protect and defend our Constitution as they swore to do upon Oath of Office. As far as doing something that will decrease violence with guns; they should disbar all the AGs, prosecutors and Judges that don’t enforce our laws. That would remove their requirements of holding the positions and would allow for immediate removal.

  13. Colleen

    We all can see the handwriting on the wall. Take our guns, remove the police and the government can then bring in the SS. How’d that work for Germany in the 1940’s?

  14. Donald

    The SCOTUS just reaffirmed the 2nd Ammendment Rights and now Biden and the leftist leaning and apparently Cumunist Socialist Nazi Totalitarian Party wants to confirm a person dedicated to go against the Constitutionally guaranteed Right. Worse, they have no plans to take guns away from the criminals that will only continue to pray on honest citizens who will have their right to self defense removed from them. This man must not be confirmed. Anyone voting to approve him or to pass the Unconstitutional laws that Biden is proposing must never hold public office again. Biden, his administration and his party have committed a litany of acts of Sedition abd Treason and must be held accountable. There has never been such a lawless, devisive and criminal President, Administration and Party in the entire history of our great Country!

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