Cuomo’s Monstrous Actions as NY Governor Brought to Light

NY Attorney General Leticia James has recently issued her report about the allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault on women by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. 

After her report was released, it was concluded that the same man who was supposedly in line to become a presidential candidate, has now been blacklisted for the sexual harassment of multiple women, in turn violating federal and NY state law.

All of the sudden, dem legislators have “grown a spine” and are telling the media what they really think of their longtime political leader. 

NY Times National Political Reporter Shane Goldmacher tweeted out a screenshot of NY dem Assemblyman Kevin A. Cahill’s dramatic statement about the AG’s report: 

His words, albeit truthful, are far too late to the conversation we’ve been trying to have for a while now. 

These allegations comprise one of many investigations into Cuomo’s conduct and behavior over the last year.

His actions during the height of the pandemic were self-serving, and celebratory of his “leadership” all while leaving the people he is supposed to support and represent in the dust.

News of Cuomo’s selfishness never saw the light of day in the mainstream media last year, when he sent COVID patients into nursing homes, therefore killing thousands of elderly citizens… All while preaching to the public how great he was.

And naturally, Cuomo plays victim the whole time; he’s denied many of the allegations written in the report on Tuesday and claimed others were mischaracterized or misconstrued. He’s also called out the sexual allegation report for being full of “politics and bias”…

Most of the dems have been hiding behind a curtain, pretending not to see Cuomo’s terrible leadership and actions.  

The dems that have risen up out of the woodworks to complain about Cuomo’s wrongdoings are simply trying to cover their backs from the media fire… but we can see right through their fakeness.

A faction that once supported Cuomo as the primary voice of the Democratic party, is now turning against him.  

At least 86 State Assembly members – more than half of the total 150 – have publicly said or told The Associated Press that they are in favor of removing Cuomo, and are prepared to start impeachment proceedings if he doesn’t resign.  

State Assemblyman Ron Kim called for an immediate return to session; “there is no measure left to hide the truth. The Governor broke the law so we must hold him accountable.”

It seems like the NY dems have finally found some sense and recognize Cuomo for what he really is… Even if they are the last ones to the party. 

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11 Thoughts to “Cuomo’s Monstrous Actions as NY Governor Brought to Light”

  1. Wyatt Earp

    I personally believe ALL POLITICIANS NEED to STOP USING PARTY LINE! If there one breaking the laws so be it! They have issues they need to deal with! And it is effectively hurting them or keeping them from doing their JOBS THEY WERE VOTED TO DO BY THE PEOPLE OF THEIR STATE! Time for them to return to PRIVATE LIFE AND DEAL WITH IT PRIVATELY! NO BODY IS ABOVE THE LAWS! NOT EVEN A POLITICIANS!

  2. Aniruddha Ideaki

    NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo A rat!

    To feel much better I watch this:

    I hate the EUROPEAN UNION.

    I am French for the moment. But will be back to the US soon! The newspaper “Le Point” gave me a very good news. In Georgia and other places the KKK is becoming friendly with black peoples! You believe that? I do!

  3. Aniruddha Ideaki

    I hate the European Union, yet I am European … at the moment.

    Listen to that!*

    No joke! We are legions! the army, the people… We are legions just like in the 1940s Patton, the Pacific 😉
    The Japanese emperor said: “I am ready to bear the unbearable” Of course he was serious and was a good one. And we left him on his throne and we were right!

  4. Wyatt Earp

    Best place for him is in a cell with his brother and every lying media!

  5. john

    He should have been in prison many years ago!

  6. Linda Brodzeller

    Commit murder and get away with it. Go after him for sexual harassment and for every life he took for placing sick people in the elderly homes.

  7. Michael Morgan

    The overriding fact is that Trump sent a fully equipped, fully staffed hospital ship to New York to assist during the pandemic. Instead of using those resources and accepting that help, he chose to minimize the gift . Instead he sent thousands of elderly to nursing homes with the result that those unfortunates were sure to contract and be a source of transmission.

    Cuomo should be put on trial for deliberate murder for each of the personns that died.

  8. joseph hohmann

    the Como brothers are not above the law. Put them in jail.
    Joe Hohmann

  9. Old

    Marxist’s have no joke
    They are out of the closet and think
    They have won.. seems maybe they
    Are right 🙁 schools .. media and now
    Big Corp 🤷🏼‍♂️ Cuomo is the least of our

  10. NavVet

    The slimy dog has been let off the hook again. Can only pray for a tragic accident. They’re tons of bad people out there, surely he’s one

  11. tommy

    His father was thug and like father like 2 sons.

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