Dem Leaders Allowing Crime Rate to Go Up?

The crime rate in America is still on the rise. Is the administration failing to manage the crimes happening across the country?

This year, several cities across the country faced a major spike in violent crimes. It was reported that six law enforcement officers were shot across the US in the cities of St. Louis, Milwaukee, and Houston. Statistics also showed a violent trend of police victimization due to a rise in gun violence in January alone.

It was also stated that crimes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia went higher… 

It seems that the dems are too busy forcing their mandates, destroying the economy, and stealing from the stock market. Now, they’re forgetting to prioritize the safety of the people.

Right now, we’re witnessing the Biden administration’s reversal of over 30 years of crime control. They’re taking the situation from bad to worse.

Miranda Devine is a New York Post Columnist known for her conservative stance on political issues. She shared her thoughts this February on Fox about how undedicated these dems are to putting a stop to the rising crime rate in the country.

She made it clear that reducing crime won’t be easy for anyone. Devine said, “The problem is… once the genie of crime is out of the bottle, it’s really hard to put it back.” 

Our leaders should be dedicated to fixing this problem. But Devine believes that the liberals seated in power aren’t willing to do the grunt work to reduce crimes. She added, “I just don’t think that Democrats are willing to do the really tough measures that are needed. I think it will take a hell of a lot more pain before voters, Democratic voters are willing to vote on somebody who’s willing to do the tough yards.”

One big reason why crimes rates aren’t getting lower is that there are too many liberals seated in power. Former White House House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp also shared her thoughts about this matter.

Schlapp showed the importance of local elections, where Republicans have lost a lot of ground. She said, “The reality is that Republicans really need to make in-roads in these local elections. The local elections matter. Your mayor, your school board member, your city council. That’s where the Republicans really have lost a lot of ground.” 

Then she added, “With the Democrats in power, they’ve been ingrained there for decades… that their policies have been harmful to the minority communities that they serve.”

Schlapp believes that our patriots should find a way to stop this from happening over and over again. She said, “Republicans need to figure out a way where they can break this cycle of continuing to a lot Democrats. That’s where the Republicans can gain ground and see if we can start winning back the cities.”

At the end of the day, the reason why our crime rates are getting higher is that the liberals seated in power are too incompetent to do their jobs right. We need leaders like Ron DeSantis and Gregg Abbott who can really walk the talk.

If we can have the right leaders, then we can manage the crime rates better and end the cycle that the Dems started…

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    Como no va a subir la criminalidad si estamos gobernados por criminales de partido demócrata,desde los que limpian la ciudad asta el presidente,pero cómo mucha prensa los cubre pueden hacer lo que desean,

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