Despite American Crisis, Biden Runs to Safe Space with Jimmy Fallon

Biden appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last Friday…

Why did Biden even take the time to have an interview on a talk show… when America is faced with multiple economic and political crises? There are issues that need his full attention  first, such as the:

The whole of America is now seeing Biden’s incompetence as a leader. An ABC/Ipsos poll from December 10-11 shows how Biden’s approval rate sank lower. It shows:

  • 69% disapprove of his handling of the inflation
  • 57% disapprove of his management of the economic recovery
  • 43% disapprove of his how he handles crime
  • 55% disapprove of how he handles the relationship with Russia
  • 47% disapprove of how he manages the Covid-19 pandemic

Biden’s Guesting is Politically Motivated

There’s a big chance that the reason Biden did an interview with Fallon… is because his approval ratings are plummeting.  

Biden needs to save face and appear relevant and cool to a younger generation… Of course, they won’t admit that outright because the mainstream media protects them.

American conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro thinks so as well… that it’s all because of his approval rating.

He said, “This has to do with Joe Biden’s completely cratering approval ratings. This guy entered the office. He was given the gift of a team that he did not develop. There was a distribution plan that he had not developed. He took advantage of that. All he has to do is not be terrible.”

Fallon did his job for Biden. He offered a national-friendly platform without challenging him in any capacity…

Biden was asked how much he pays attention to approval ratings. The demo-rat said, “Well, not anymore. I’m joking. I would pay attention in the mid-sixties [percent]. [But for the most part,] I don’t pay attention anymore.”

Well, Biden isn’t paying attention. Because his latest approval from an ABC/Ipsos poll says that 69% disapprove of the way he handles inflation.

Also, let’s say even if Biden doesn’t care about his approval ratings. The liberals coddling the puppet president from behind the scenes would care about it.

Biden was also caught on camera holding his notes and there’s a video of it… 

Yes, he may be doing a little better by not making it obvious how the administration babysits him. But let’s not forget what happened when he embarrassed himself during his first presidential Town Hall. His team failed to prepare him for some tricky questions in the press, and he blundered about onstage because of it.

This proves that up until now, Biden still can’t say anything without his notes

Biden also took this interview as an opportunity to attack Republicans subtly. He shared his thoughts on the importance of bipartisanship and the dangers of right-wing extremism in the Republican party. ​

He first started talking about the late Republican leader Bob Dole… whom Biden said was his friend. “I did Bob Dole’s eulogy. He asked me on his deathbed that I would do his eulogy. We’re friends. We disagree, but we’re friends.”

Then, he went to the point to subtly attack former President Trump, whom he claims is feeding into partisanship. He said, “We used to have [a] lot of that [bipartisan] relationship, and they still exist… except the extreme elements of the Republican Party. Donald Trump keeps feeding the big lie. It makes it awfully hard.”

Overall, Biden’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was a total farce. 

Once again, the administration used the media to re-shape Biden’s image who’s getting lower approval ratings, and to subtly attack our patriots…

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