Disney’s Progressive Shift Creates More Concern Among Conservatives

Disney’s continued trend of adopting progressive and “woke” values raised concerns among conservatives. They fear that the company is moving away from its traditional roots. 

Many conservative leaders have objected to the company’s shift in ideology. They’re claiming that it alienates a significant portion of their audience.

Republican leaders are impeding the company in their progressive agenda. They believe that Disney should stick to family-friendly entertainment… and avoid divisive political issues, as they are more likely to appeal to a broader audience. 

Over 2300 Disney Employees Sign Petition Against Returning to Office

More than 2,300 Disney employees signed a petition. It asks CEO Bob Iger to reconsider a mandate for employees to return to the office four days a week. The policy change is argued to create: 

  • Forced resignations among vulnerable communities
  • Reduce productivity, output, and efficiency
  • Slow or reverse post-COVID recovery and growth

The employees also claimed it would cause irreplaceable institutional knowledge loss. While some workers have become attached to the concept of working from home… Iger defended the change by arguing that being physically together allows for the ability to connect, observe, and create with peers.

According to The Washington Post, Disney employs over 200,000 people in total. Many of its employees are now speaking out against the policy change. Signees of the petition included workers across Disney’s stable of businesses, including: 

  • ABC
  • 20th Century Studiod
  • Marvel Studios
  • Hulu
  • Pixar
  • FX

Disney’s policy ranks among the strictest for big companies in the post-pandemic era. However, while some employees are happy to return to the office… the sudden loss of flexibility rolled out during the pandemic is said to be scary for many. 

The employees hope that Iger will reconsider the mandate. They believe it is likely to have unintended consequences that cause long-term harm to the company…

Conservatives React to Disney Layoffs

Conservatives have reacted to Disney’s announcement of laying off 7,000 employees. They believe it reflects the consequences of growing discontent among many Americans, especially with the company’s product and content. 

Many have claimed that Disney promotes progressive identity politics in its programming. Moreover, alternative sources of children’s entertainment have emerged to compete with the conglomerate. 

Some critics suggested that the layoffs could be due to the company’s content creation. Especially those that many parents feel are inappropriate for children.

Conservatives have taken to Twitter to express their discontent with Disney’s ideology. They have suggested that Disney should return to its traditional roots and reject far-left ideology… which they argue has contributed to the company’s decline. 

Clay Travis, a conservative pundit, praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s role in combating Disney in Florida this past year.

“One year after Ron Desantis went to war with Disney, Desantis won re-election by 19 points. [This was] the largest victory in FL state history for a Republican governor. Disney fired its CEO & just announced today it’s firing 7,000 more employees. What a win for Desantis & a loss for Disney. Get woke, go broke, y’all,” he tweeted.

By stopping Disney from going further down this path, conservatives hope to preserve American values and traditions for future generations… 

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