Exclusive: Top RINOs Tied to Epstein

You already know how deeply connected top dems were to Jeffrey Epstein.

But the fact is, Epstein and his associates worked to build ties wherever they could… even inside the Republican Party.

Here’s our exclusive expose of the RINOs who took thousands from men like Epstein:

The fact that dem operatives like Bill Clinton were directly connected to Jeffrey Epstein shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows anything about Clinton’s history.

That said, the Epstein story doesn’t end there. For decades, Epstein and his associates worked to build up connections with the most powerful people sick enough to work with them.

Prince Andrew in the UK, former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, any number of Hollywood stars, scientists, financiers… the list just keeps on growing.

This week, just-released information tied several new names to the Epstein case… including several of the most prominent anti-Trump RINOs around.

Just days ago, multi-billionaire Leon Black resigned from his position at Apollo, one of the world’s biggest investment firms, after investigators started to ask questions about his connection to Epstein.

Black paid Epstein hundreds of millions, allegedly for his financial services. However, as investigators started to point out, the explanation doesn’t seem to make sense…

Would a person in charge of a financial firm worth over $400 billion ever need to look somewhere else for financial advice? It doesn’t make sense, to the point where even Black’s partners at Apollo were bewildered.

Given the vast amounts of money Black paid out to Epstein, it’s worth looking at the other people who benefited from donations Black gave out… and to ask whether there was ever anything more than a one-way payment involved.

While Black’s innocent partners at Apollo donated to President Trump’s reelection campaign in 2020, Black’s own money went in a very different direction…

Directly to leading RINOs like Mitch McConnell. 

There’s a reason so many institutions have been refunding or giving away donations they received from Epstein… they don’t want to be associated with him in any way.

Given Black’s 9-figure ties to Epstein, the question has to be asked… is Mitch McConnell going to do the same, or is he just going to keep the money?

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