Federal Court Ruling Revokes Age-Based Gun Restrictions

The federal court has decided that Americans as young as 18 can now legally own a firearm. The law may not yet be final, but our patriots are closer to having more freedom at an earlier age.

This verdict comes after a 2-1 court-issued ruling in a Virginia case involving a 19-year-old woman who wanted to purchase a handgun when her abusive ex-boyfriend failed to appear for a court proceeding after she secured a protective order against him. 

The law in question was enacted by Congress in 1968 and bars handgun sales to anyone under the age of 21. The panel of judges who examined this case struck this law down as a violation of the second amendment, setting the precedent for a potential Supreme Court case. 

This is incredible news for the gun lobby, which has been fighting for some ease on restrictions that violate our second amendment rights. 

GOP lawmaker Thomas Massie believes that owning guns at an earlier age gives people a better chance of protecting themselves in dangerous situations. “Why should a 20-year-old mom be denied the right to defend herself [and her child]?”  

Anyone in need of immediate protection shouldn’t have to wait before things get worse. This law gives the helpless a chance to keep themselves safe in case of an emergency.

Republican politician Josh Bray thinks that having fewer gun restrictions will help preserve a lot of American family traditions. “I feel like this… will ensure that my son has the same opportunity I had.” 

Parents like him that want to teach their children how to hunt and handle a weapon are teaching more than just survival or sport technique. It’s about teaching maturity and creating respect for weapons. 

These leftists do not see the bigger picture, and they’re too ignorant of the alternative. Owning a gun at a young age teaches the youth generation responsibility and accountability.

Naturally, the dems are completely against anything that loosens gun restrictions. They STILL don’t want to allow people to own guns at 18… 

These twisted dems are calling our proposed law “unconstitutional.” They don’t think this age group is mature enough to handle firearms. 

According to the Washington Post, the parts of the brain that regulate impulsivity aren’t fully formed until the mid-20s. Hence, they believe that this will only resort to more violence.

If the liberals don’t trust an 18-year-old to own a gun… then why give them the right to vote, sign a legal contract, get married, enlist in the military, buy a car, buy a house, and have a baby? 

If the government thinks they are smart enough to make any of these life-altering decisions, then they should be allowed the same choice to respectfully own a gun.

Judge Julius Richardson – a Trump appointee – mentioned that the Second Amendment extends to 18-20 year-olds. He said, “While some historical restrictions existed, [there was no] support finding that 18-year-olds lack rights under the Second Amendment.” 

Let’s not forget all the laws that required 18-year-olds to join the militia and even bring their own guns…

Over the last several decades, the federal government has handed millions of 18-year-old soldiers all types of firearms. From rifles and machine guns to bazookas and cannons. 

And yet the dems weave a story that our country’s future movers and shakers can’t decide for themselves to own a firearm because their brains are underdeveloped… 

But if they join the military at the same age, then all they need is approximately 10 weeks of training and all of a sudden their brain is developed enough to handle a weapon? 

It’s hard to believe that what the GOP lawmakers are doing is “unconstitutional” when this country’s law has called on our country’s youth for protection time and time again. 

The dems like to pick and choose the rights they will allow the young people to have. Trusting them with access to their OWN constitutional right is not one of them.

Simply put… gun rights indicate that we “trust” our youth generation. But if the dems won’t trust them to own a gun, then how can they trust the votes that put these politicians in “power?”

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4 Thoughts to “Federal Court Ruling Revokes Age-Based Gun Restrictions”

  1. Loyd

    The only way at this time is run every Democrat out and i mean OUT,these cutrouths don’t care about anyone but their agenda the quicker American people realize this the quicker we can see some reversel of this dangerous trend along with about 18 Repub rinos they are trators and must be removed.

  2. r m

    The Second Amendment AS WRITTEN is the law. No age or other restrictions necessary to exercise First Amendment rights. Purge Congress of dems and RINO’s in November 2022.

  3. Papa Bear

    In 1968, I was outside of Da Nang Vietnam, and was trusted to carry a rifle with full automatic selective fire, and a Colt 1911 semi automatic pistol. But after I got shot and sent back to the States, I was not allowed to own a hand gun, after nearly 3 years in Vietnam, because I was only 20 years old. Fortunately that only lasted for 3 months before I turned 21. Couldn’t vote either. Some laws coming out of congress just make no sense at all. Good for this court, and I hope SCOTUS sees the wisdom of the two judges that held that the 1968 law was not constitutional.

  4. Papa Bear

    How do I get out a this chickenshit outfit?!!

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