Hunter Biden is What Dems Want

Heard the full story about Hunter Biden? You should have done, right before the election, but Big Tech said no. 


They took an almost unbelievable step, and completely blocked the story from being shared on Twitter or Facebook.


You couldn’t even share the horrific photos showing Joe Biden’s son driving while smoking crack – or any of the even more disturbing images.


Can you imagine any tech company deciding to block that story if it was Donald Trump Jr who got caught? Of course not. 


They decided to protect their own. 


That shouldn’t surprise you. Joe Biden’s shameful Crime Bill would have locked his son up for life – if they weren’t related.

You see, no matter what the dem leadership says they believe in, the reality is very, very different. They’re completely fine with obvious corruption, just as long as it benefits them. 


Corruption? The Hunter Biden problem goes a lot further than his crack habit and bizarre sex life. 


Right in the middle of his obvious addiction, Hunter Biden picked up a lucrative job in a little-known energy supplier in Ukraine.


If you think that sounds normal, why? Would you hire an unstable, crack-addicted Ukranian to take on a major role in your company?


Not a chance, and it’s just as true the other way round. There’s only one reason to hire a liability like that – his relatives. 


In truth, it doesn’t really matter whether Joe Biden knew what his son was doing in Ukraine. The Ukranians wanted him on board for the name value – and that’s exactly what they got. 


The media honestly expects you to believe that Hunter Biden being hired by a Ukranian company (while his father was in charge of US-Ukraine relations) is a coincidence. 


Again, imagine the reaction if President Trump’s family did the same thing. There’s absolutely no way the media would buy that excuse – and they’d be right not to! 


It’s time for the media to start playing fair instead of pretending there’s nothing to question, then burying the story as soon as people start wanting to know the truth.

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