Hunter Biden Oversells His Paintings at an Art Gallery in NYC

No surprise here, Hunter Biden is still a CON Artist…

Hunter Biden continues to be a CON Artist. The novice painter still sells his art for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and now he’s got his art up in a gallery. It’s a form of money laundering… and the White House is just letting him go loose.

A real artist struggles for years to hang their art in a fine art gallery. They never ride on their daddy’s coat tail… and they always never get the value of their talent. 

The competition for exceptional artwork with legitimate artists is exceptionally fierce. Then comes Hunter Biden’s instant success. Unfortunately, the dems are making everything unfair in this world that we live in…

This November, Hunter Biden made an appearance in New York to visit an art gallery that had several of his paintings on display. He was accompanied by his wife Melissa and his son Beau Jr.

There were about 60 guests who attended the event, including Joe Biden’s younger sister Valerie Biden Owens. 

Upon leaving the party, Owens proudly declared her nephew’s artwork as “spectacular.” Of course, she said that because they’re related by blood…

It was also reported that three potential buyers looked closely at Hunter Biden’s paintings on the second day… after the show started.

Donald Kuspit is one of the people who viewed Hunter Biden’s work. He lied as he stated that the self-taught painter didn’t ring up any sales during the opening. “It had nothing to do with money. It was just a social event,” he said.

These are people who are covering up for Hunter Biden. None of our patriots will believe a single word they say.

Hunter Biden’s “art business” is already suspicious since the beginning, and it’s not like he had a credible character, to begin with. People supporting his schemes don’t want to buy artwork from a drug addict, they just wish to gain access to his father’s power.

Former director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub shared his thoughts about Hunter Biden’s art business. He said, “I find it deeply troubling. Merely following the incredibly weak ethics rules that we have doesn’t win you any points and the legalistic approach blinds you to obvious commonsense problems. And here we have an obvious problem.”

“We’ve got a family member clearly trading on his father’s name. The man has never sold a piece of art before, has never even juried into a community center art show, but suddenly he’s selling art at unbelievable prices. There is simply no way anybody paid $75,000 for anything other than his name.”

Shaub is also aware that there’s a special treatment with Hunter Biden… and it’s also alarming for him.

These twisted dems are going too far with letting Hunter Biden do whatever he wants. They’re creating an unfair world for all Americans. Most of all, they’re insulting our legitimate artists who spent years of hard work perfecting their art… and are only charged less.

Hunter Biden’s “CON Art Business” must be stopped…

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  1. PurePurple

    The whole Biden family is corrupt and they all deserve to be broke with not a penny to their name. Hunter Biden gets a free pass every time. He should overdose and make this world a happier place. Joe Biden is in bed with China so we have to suffer because this pr… of a so called man has to rob people of their money and life so he can live life to the fullest. I hope the Biden’s suffer and lose everything they have.

  2. mark Thompson

    get off the crack !

  3. michael sarnataro

    father for give then for they do not what they do, its a shsme.

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