It’s Over for the Mainstream Media

What matters to the media more than anything else?

You know it’s not the truth… honesty doesn’t even come into the picture. It’s all about the ratings – all about the money. 

So with ratings in freefall since President Trump left the White House, it’s no surprise that the mainstream media are panicking… here’s what’s happening:

It shouldn’t surprise you that Donald Trump’s presidency was a godsend to the mainstream media. 

With liberal institutions like CNN and the New York Times pulling in record profits from their ‘reporting’ about Trump, there’s a reason even the most dedicated parts of the media machine secretly wanted Trump to win. 

You see, they knew exactly what was going to happen when he left office… knew just how doomed their ratings were.

In just a few months, everything collapsed for the media. Just look at the numbers. 

Since Biden was inaugurated, CNN’s lost over a third of their regular viewers, with hundreds of thousands just refusing to tune in any more.

It’s not just CNN… the mainstream media’s completely collapsing, whatever their opinions are. Readership for the New York Times online dropped by about 20% in just a month after the inauguration, while even Fox News saw a drop in their ratings.

Like I said, Trump being elected president was the best thing that ever happened to the mainstream media. They knew just how dependent they were on everything Trump said and did.

It’s exactly what President Trump said would happen… “Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there”. 

Of course, they could have avoided the collapse… and it’s not even hard to see how. 

If the media treated Joe Biden like they treated President Trump, they’d be just as well-off as they used to be.

It’s not like there’s somehow less to report on… the media made hay out of any number of completely forgettable or outright fictional incidents when Trump was in power… it just makes no sense to say there’s less to cover now. 

It’s becoming clearer day after day just how incapable Biden is, from his seemingly-constant injuries to his complete inability to talk about anything.

If that’s not news, what is?

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2 Thoughts to “It’s Over for the Mainstream Media”

  1. Joann Mounts

    Biden you should admit the election was a fraud and take Harris and go home give Trump back the presidency!

  2. Joann Mounts

    You can see Crook written all over Biden and Harris face!

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