Jessica Alba Describes Her Ultimate Self-Care Day—and Why She Really Hates Celery Juice

Jessica Alba is the type of friend every woman needs in her inner circle. First of all, she is ridiculously inspiring. Case in point: The celebrated actress has many starring roles under her belt and another one right around the corner. L.A.’s Finest, which costars Gabrielle Union, will premiere May 13 on Spectrum (Jessica is also an executive producer). She’s the founder of the Honest Company, a super-successful business that she built around the idea of creating safe products for the entire family. The company offers up everything from diapers to retinol cream. On top of all this, the 37-year-old has built a happy family of her own that includes film producer and fashion entrepreneur Cash Warren, her husband of 10 years, and three kids (Honor, 10; Haven, 7; and Hayes, 1).

But what really gives Jessica that good-girlfriend vibe is how honest she is—no pun intended. With her many achievements and seemingly glam Hollywood lifestyle, it would be easy for her to push out and promote a flawless persona. However, talk to her for five minutes and it’s quickly apparent that Jessica has no interest in facades—she’d much rather keep it real. And at a time when women are expected to do and have it all, it’s refreshing to hear Jessica, a woman who is crushing it, speak candidly about what that actually takes.

In fact, to give you the unique opportunity to hear just how authentic Jessica is as a friend, we had her sit down with one of her real-life friends, Ayesha Curry. Not only is Ayesha a brand ambassador for the Honest Company, she also has a busy, full life, just like Jessica—with a career that includes authoring cookbooks, a line of kitchen products, and TV appearances, plus a wonderful marriage to NBA star Stephen Curry and three kids. Listen in as Ayesha and Jessica chat about finding time for self-care, marriage, and running a business.

Ayesha Curry: What does wellness mean to you?

Jessica Alba: Wellness is all about checking in. Some days I just need to go in my room and read a book for an hour and put a face mask on. Other days I need to wake up at 5:15 a.m. and get a spin class in to feel good—even though I hate waking up early. I’ve tried to get into TM, a type of meditation, but it felt so hard-core. Wellness should feel like something I want to do. If I’m going to do a meditation, I like to do a guided one, and there are apps for that.

AC: I’m happy you didn’t say your idea of wellness is drinking celery juice!

JA: I tried celery juicing, and it empties your bowels in a very violent way all day long—and I like things that taste good, and that just doesn’t taste good.

AC: Is it easier for you to work out regularly or eat healthy?

JA: Eating healthy is easier. I hate working out with a passion. It’s hard to motivate myself, but it’s like medicine and makes me feel mentally better. If I can consistently work out four to five days a week, I feel like the edge is taken off. Right now, I’m not working out because I’m filming and really haven’t been able to get a workout in for about five months. But I try to eat really clean when I can’t work out. No wine during the week. Also, two vegan or plant-based meals a day during the week.

AC: What’s your idea of an ultimate self-care day?

JA: Sleeping in. Sleep is everything because I just don’t get any.

AC: With your busy schedule, how do you keep your friendships nurtured?

JA: By allowing myself to have a babysitter on Friday and Saturday nights. I didn’t do this until after I had Haven. After that, I always had a babysitter on those nights. Whether it’s going out with Cash or hanging with my girlfriends, it frees me up to do something. The key is to also have someone the next morning. If you’re doing more than just dinner, maybe drinks or a concert or something, you don’t want to be waking up too early for the kids because then what’s the point?

AC: Ohh, you’ve got it all figured out! In the past, what’s one thing you’ve been too hard on yourself for?

JA: When I was younger, I thought I wasn’t smart. I didn’t have a conventional or higher education. Now, after starting a business, I feel OK with identifying myself as smart. I even felt inferior saying I was an actress without being classically trained. It took me a while to find my confidence. I may not be the best actress ever, but do I have my moments? Definitely. And don’t underestimate street smarts—all of that hustle and life experiences. You have to roll with the punches—that’s how you’re going to be successful in life.

AC: What’s next for the Honest Company, and what are you most excited for in the coming year?

JA: We just launched a new nourishing line that includes, as far as I or my team knows, the only 24-hour moisture lotion that is plant-based with no synthetic fragrances. We’re also leaning into our California roots, and there’s a secret project that we have coming up that is an actual game changer. It’s what I showed you the other night.

AC: Yes! It’s good. I’ve been using it on my baby. Sorry everyone, we can’t share what it is just yet—but it’s my favorite.

JA: In the beauty category, we’re growing like hotcakes. People are into natural skin care, but not as much makeup. But if you use regular makeup on top of natural skin care, you’re ruining everything that you just did. And we’re launching into Europe, so that’s another big thing.

AC: To wrap up, what accomplishment are you most proud of?

JA: There are a few things. But one is having an idea [with Honest] and actually doing it. I was really proud of my perseverance through the challenges and not letting things hold me back. And it’s not going to be perfect, and it shouldn’t be, but once you’re 70 or 80 percent there, you [launch] and tweak as you go.

AC: What are you most proud of in your personal life?

JA: My husband and I like each other still. [Laughs] I’m not good with conflict. I didn’t know how to express myself, and I feel like I’ve evolved into this person who can communicate so you can address stuff before it gets out of control. We’re best friends, and we respect each other.

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