Lisa Rinna Had the Best Response When Someone Compared a Photo of Her and a Former Miss Universe in the Same Bikini

“Who wore it better?” photos are a social media tradition, but if you ask us, we would all be better off without them. Actress Lisa Rinna seems to agree. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently clapped back when a news outlet turned a photo of her wearing a bikini into a comparison with beauty contest winner.

“Who wore it better #OliviaCulpo or #LisaRinna?!” Too Fab News wrote in a recent Instagram post with a side-by-side shot of each woman in the same Fendi bikini.

Rinna wasted no time making it clear she was having none of it. “We both look fucking awesome,” she commented. “I’m 55, she’s in her 20s. The end.”

Culpo, who won Miss Universe in 2012, is indeed 26 years old. But age aside, comparing women to other women is 100% unacceptable. To be fair, Too Fab News did say, “We think both look KILLER in this #Fendi bikini” in their caption, but they still turned their post into a contest.

Rinna and Culpo do look insanely good in that bikini, and we give Rinna major props for standing up for them both. She’s never been one to hide her opinions online, and we’re loving her much needed honesty.

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