Many Republican Leaders are Serious About Helping Ukraine

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There may be a divide right now in the GOP. But despite all that, many of our leaders in the Republican party are serious about helping Ukraine. 

They’re seeing how the war is affecting people’s lives.

Last March, Rep. Michael Waltz warned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to leave the capital of Kyiv as soon as possible. He shared his thoughts during an interview. 

Waltz commended the Ukrainian president’s bravery. He said, “Well, they are willing and ready to fight; you need three things for successful resistance. You need the will to fight. He has shown it, and he has rallied his people. Then you need the resources; then you need a logistical sanctuary to go through.”

But Waltz also pointed out that Zelenskyy should stay alive no matter what. He added, “I would hope to see him displaced to Lviv because he has to stay alive and get out of Kyiv soon.”

It seems a lot of our patriot leaders are rooting for Ukraine. A recent poll from Fox News also shows that most Americans want to do more to help Ukraine against Russia. 

Around 63% of respondents believe that their country should be helping more. But the current administration has yet to do anything relevant…

Patriot Leaders Slam Biden for His Lack of Leadership

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy was very vocal about Biden’s incompetence. He said that European allies were “looking for some leadership” during the Russia-Ukraine war… but they’re “not getting it” from Biden. Instead, the demo-rat is only making America “more vulnerable.”

McCarthy shared his thoughts during an interview on Fox News. He believes that it’s too late for Biden to solve anything at this point. The patriot leader said, “I think all of his actions have been too late. His actions have created this problem – how he pulled out of Afghanistan, denying American pipeline but providing it to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin – I think it’s too late.”

Then McCarthy mentioned how Biden is unable to show any leadership during this crisis. He added, “Europe has united – not because of something Biden has done, but because of what Putin has done. They’re looking for some leadership, and, unfortunately, they’re not getting it from Biden.”

The patriot leader believes that Biden is making America look weak. McCarthy said, “I mean, that is a sign of weakness. That is making America more vulnerable. I hope Biden shows leadership – he can’t just go there and listen. He needs to have a plan. He needs to unite people, and he needs to confront.”

This just proves that our patriot leaders are more genuinely concerned for Ukraine’s safety. If we had a REAL president right now, America would probably be strong enough to help its neighboring countries.

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