Mayorkas Continues to Make the Border Worse

The border crisis is far from over. Under the current administration, migrant crossings are on the rise. Conditions at the border are deteriorating. This administration has failed to address the root causes of the crisis… and they seem content to allow it to continue. The liberals have undone everything that President Trump has done for the border.

Alejandro Mayorkas is one of the biggest reasons why our borders are never secure. He’s been in charge as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for more than a year… and our border security is failing even more. How can we trust him to keep us safe when he can’t even keep our borders secure?

The demo-rat was responsible for many things that have destroyed our border security. If Mayorkas can’t do his job, then he needs to be replaced. Our borders must be secure, and it’s up to us to make sure that happens.

Mayorkas Continues to Lie About the Border

Mayorkas claims that the southern border is “secure.” He even acknowledged the situation as a “historic challenge” instead of a crisis. 

The Homeland Security Secretary said, “Look, the border is secure. We are working to make the border more secure. That has been a historic challenge.”

Then he added, “I have said to a number of legislators who expressed to me that we need to address the challenge at the border before they pass legislation. I take issue with the math of holding the solution hostage until the problem is resolved.”

It’s obvious that Mayorkas is lying about the border being closed and secure…

Our patriot leader, Sen. Ted Cruz shared his honest thoughts about Mayorkas’ incompetence at the border. He said on Newsmax, “Last weekend I brought seven senators down to the border. I’ve been to the border many times. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

The Senator added, “You don’t have to go and hunt for people crossing illegally. Within minutes you encounter group after group. It is a steady stream of humanity.”

Mayorkas Needs to Go

The conservative Hispanic news outlet “El American” called for the impeachment of Mayorkas. 

This is all because he failed to handle the situation at the southern border. The editorial said, “It is therefore with no pleasure that this outlet should call for the impeachment of one of the most powerful Hispanic leaders in the country… albeit in a Democratic administration.” 

Then it added, “Yet the failings of the incumbent Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas… are so immense that they must no longer be ignored.”

Mayorkas showed “gross incompetence and disdain for protecting America’s southern border.” It’s been like this since his 2021 appointment.

Hopefully, someone who knows how to do the job will replace Mayorkas in the future. The border needs to truly be secured.

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