Media Silent as Biden Approval Rating Collapses

It’s no secret that the mainstream media wants to convince you that Biden is the best thing since sliced bread.

But the public isn’t buying it. 

In fact, he looks set to be one of the least popular dem presidents of all time… here’s what the facts say:

If you trusted what the papers said about Joe Biden, you’d expect his approval ratings to be sky high. 

When the media tries to convince you to support Biden by pretending the little good he does is unprecedentedly effective, that the bad isn’t important, and that the countless Trump-era policies he’s leaving untouched just don’t exist, there’s a reason they’re trying so hard.

They, like just about everyone else in America, have realized just how incompetent Biden really is. They know the only way to keep their dem allies in office is to pretend those dems are making the world a better place.

This time, no one’s buying it. Biden’s approval rating has already collapsed to less than 50%, with Americans turning against him to a shocking level.

There’s one very real reason for that… the difference between what the media says, and the reality of Joe Biden’s rule.

They’ve tried to pretend Biden’s a good, competent man, they’ve ignored everything against him (including the sexual assault charges), and they’re desperate to convince Americans that Biden has the answers for the future.

The reality is entirely different. Biden can barely even make it through his rare media appearances, and he’s accomplishing a whole lot less than President Trump.

The thing is, even if you’re a democrat, you should be against the media’s portrayal of Biden… 

You know he’s not actually doing all the good the media says – just look at the pandemic numbers. The media’s tried to claim that the drop in cases over the last few weeks is because of Biden. 

That’s ridiculous. Just look a few more months back, and you’ll see case numbers dropping just as much under President Trump. It’s called a wave for a reason: numbers go up, then they go down… and then they go up even more. 

So when the media tells people that Biden caused the drop, they’re going to have to deal with the consequences when those same people see cases on the rise again. 

That’s just one example… take a look at how they’re reporting the COVID bill for any number of other examples. 

The media’s telling people their lives are getting better thanks to Biden, so the second they realize that nothing’s actually improving…

They’re going to give up on the democrats forever. 

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2 Thoughts to “Media Silent as Biden Approval Rating Collapses”

  1. Dawn Doran

    Biden is a Fraud…

  2. Betty

    The only way Biden can make it is Obama helping him!!, He is incompetent as president! We went from a chance to a snowballs chance when he was elected! Don’t know how people can be so blind! I know we’re supposed to help others, but opening the wall was a disaster…this country is struggling to survive, and now he has caused displacement of thousands of immigrants children…not just that, but where are all these new people going to live, work, and survive!???? We need to,pray to God for Hope, mercy, and a turning of hearts!!

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