More US Politicians Visit Taiwan After Pelosi’s Trip

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made a big mistake. Her visit to Taiwan could ruin our relationship with China – and we can’t afford for that to happen.

This isn’t just about politics. Our economic future is at stake. And Nancy Pelosi is playing games with it.

New York Times editorial Thomas Friedman even warned Pelosi not to go to Taiwan… because it could ruin our relationship with China.

Rep. Waltz Slammed Administration and Pelosi for Taiwan Trip

Everything the administration does with China becomes a huge mess. This is a prime example of why political corruption must be prosecuted aggressively. Rep. Waltz slammed the administration for reportedly leaking Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan. He shared his thoughts during an interview on Fox News.

The patriot leader called the whole thing a strategic mistake. Waltz said, “This is a mess, obviously. That’s the understatement of the day. The speaker was furious that the House leaked this to the Times… which I think was a huge strategic mistake. She cannot back down from this. The message that it will send to the Chinese military and our allies will be devastating.” 

Waltz then emphasized how China has become powerful. He added, “Here’s the big difference from prior years. Back then, they knew, and we knew they couldn’t really do anything about it militarily. Now the Chinese believe… and Chairman Xi believes that they can do something militarily. They can match us, and he’s told his military to be ready by 2027 to defeat us. That’s the game changer and why we have to wake up as a country.”

Taiwan is the biggest CHIP maker. As we all know, Pelosi and her Husband (and many dems) have a significant vested interest in that market. This trip is a benefit for Pelosi only. It’s not for diplomatic reasons.

Pelosi Created More Tension with China and Taiwan

Tensions were high between China and Taiwan. Recently, the situation has become even more volatile. Newsmax shared five ways in which China has retaliated against Taiwan:

  • Import Bans – Shorty after Pelosi visited Taiwan; China placed trade restrictions on Taiwan
  • The Summons of a US Ambassador – A US Ambassador to China attended an emergency meeting to discuss protests about Pelosi visiting Taiwan
  • Military Drills – China is deploying missiles, planes, and warships throughout the Taiwan Strait
  • Cyberattacks – There was a cyberattack on the office of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen before Pelosi’s delegation reached the island

More US Politicians Visit Taiwan Unannounced After Pelosi’s Trip

A group of US politicians landed in Taiwan days after Pelosi enraged China with her trip. The group of lawmakers met with Taiwanese officials.

These politicians need to stay home. We can’t afford to pay for their vacation junkets. It’s hard enough in this recession with the massive inflation, product shortages, and reduced wages for us to pay for their new spending bill and their vacations too.

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