Psaki is a Professional Liar

The Biden administration has only shown signs of incompetence while facing the Afghanistan crisis

During a press conference, NBC reporter Peter Alexander asked Biden what he’ll do if Americans remain in Afghanistan after the August 31 deadline to withdraw US troops.

“You’ll be the first person I call.” Biden jokes in response.

Not only is his comment offensive, but it’s clear that he does not understand the gravity of his statement, and how it sounds to the patriots waiting for their family members to return home as many struggle to get out of the war-torn country.

Whether this response was a mistake on Biden’s part or just a portion of his script given to him… it’s still a terrible thing to say.

White House secretary Jen Psaki desperately defended Biden’s remarks. She pointed out that Biden has given several updates on the situation in Afghanistan.

In a press conference, Psaki tried to protect Biden’s image. Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked her about Biden’s response. He said, “[Biden] was asked about Afghanistan, and he made a joke. What’s so funny?”

However, Psaki appeared to be caught off-guard with the question. She focused her answer instead on the administration’s talking points about the ongoing evacuation.

She said, “I think what he conveyed is that he has not — well, what I can convey from here, I should say is that, as he stated yesterday and as the secretary of state just stated, we’re on track to complete our mission by August 31st.”

Then she mentioned, “Obviously there are discussions, and the president received a briefing just this morning — as I noted, he asked yesterday for contingency plans and he received a briefing on them this morning. These are incredibly serious issues and they are discussions that are happening internally.”

Psaki also added that Biden has spoken on the issue “multiple times over the last several days.”

That’s one way for someone to say so much… without actually saying anything. She’s trying way too hard to cover Biden’s incompetence. 

Just like Biden, there’s nothing funny about how Psaki handles her job of babysitting him. They’re equally terrible at what they do.

A few weeks later, reporters once again grilled Psaki. The reason is that Biden broke his promise… of making sure Americans won’t get stranded in Afghanistan.

A reporter asked Psaki why Biden allowed his credibility to “go out the door” by promising to stay in the country until every American was evacuated.

She defended Biden, making him look like the good guy. Psaki said, “Well, first I would say the president remains committed to getting every American citizen who wants to get out, get out. That’s an enduring commitment, one that will not change and one we’re going to focus on every single day.”

The dems are hypocrites, and Psaki is among the biggest ones out there. She did her best to cover the truth that “Americans really got stranded in Afghanistan.”

If Biden can’t really handle a crisis at this level and he would need Psaki to cover for him… then it would be better if he’d just step down from his position to make America great again.

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19 Thoughts to “Psaki is a Professional Liar”

  1. Vince

    Thanks, Jen. Liar.

  2. Wyatt Earp

    This Psaki just can’t stand herself! Got to lies everytime she open her mouth! Hmm! I wonder if her husband having an affair like Bill did to Hillary? Hillary lies every minute she open her mouth!!! So Bill just said I find another woman who doesn’t talk during sex!

  3. Joe

    This pathetic, lying, pos needs to be removed for lying every time she opens her pie hole,just like sockpuppet,hidenbiden, they wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked, them in the face. She twists the facts, and totally lies to the American people, and gets caught, and still lies to us.U can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  4. newman

    Country is going to Hell. Biden and his Dems at fault. Ever anti-American thing that Biden has done praised by Media. FBI worthless. Military being subverted. Health system under political control;. Please tell me about something that is right!

  5. tom

    You people are the height of cruelity!

  6. Albert W. Myles

    I’m beginning to think that lying is in the genetics of the democrats. I haven’t heard the truth coming out of the Biden Administration since day 1.

  7. N A

    Jen Psaki is a HABITUAL LIAR as Everyone in the Democratic Socialist Party including Beijing Joseph Russell O’ biden.

  8. N A

    Yeap ! ALL Professional liars work for the Government including Those in the Democratic Socialist Party and the
    Joseph Russell O’ Biden Administration

  9. Robert Messmer

    Quote: “You’ll be the first person I call.” Question: Did Biden call the reporter or was this just one more in a political lifetime of lies.

  10. Brontefan

    Clearly, she’s a paid spinner.

  11. martin smith lll

    You have to be a idiot if you believe psaki!!

  12. Henry T. BOZARD II

    Bring back TRUMP!!!!!!!!!

  13. michael sarnataro

    i guess its ok t tell ur kids t lie t truth dosent mean anything anymore if i put my hand ont bible does that mean i have t tell t truth.

  14. bob

    I don’t know how suk-dickie , sleeps at night , knowing that every time she stands at that podium , she is just throwing lies !!! Her nose should be as long as her vibrator !!

  15. Donald Pugh Sr

    That is as I have said many times. That is her job! But lately it is much tougher for her to keep up the front. Even she is unable to keep the incredulity from her lies because the Biden Admin. is such a farce!

  16. Pat Dyer


  17. Charles Sigars

    ALL Dimms are liars, ALL Dimm politicians are professional level liars.

  18. robert

    lier lier pants on fire hehehehehe shes joining the liers club. MSNBC

  19. qwerty

    she’s also a professional POS💩TOO!!

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