Russia Starts Attacking Southern Ukraine

Anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine (War Ukraine) / Ministry of Defense of Ukraine / Flickr / September 12, 2015 / CC BY-SA 2.0

The war between Russia and Ukraine continues to add more casualties to both sides. We’ve seen how the death toll rises in Ukraine and how Russia exhausts its resources.

Now, Ukraine is preparing for a renewed Russian offensive in the south. Russian troops continue to unleash their assault on the southern part of Ukraine. Local authorities are ramping up their measures to fortify the region against further air raids. 

People in the coastal Ukrainian city of Odesa have started covering statues and other architectural marvels with sandbags.

Ukraine Bracing for Russian Offensive in South

Ukrainian officials have been preparing for the Russian offensive in the south. They had newly arrived military equipment at the border. 

Smaller regional administrations also noticed the increased troop presence in the south. Southern Zaporizhya Regional Administration wrote in a Telegram message, “An echelon of older T-62 tanks just arrived in Melitopol.”

Then they added, “Thirty tanks and armored vehicles have entered the village of Kyrylivka today. Locals report that practically all streets are lined with these war machines.”

Russian soldiers have been spotted in increasing numbers in the village of Vasylivvka… raising concerns among the residents. The message also said, “Despite that, Russians continue to loot civilian houses. They take everything they see.”

Why Putin Wants South Ukraine

Right now, the heat of the battle is focused on Eastern Ukraine. Specifically, the monumental of the Donbas. However, the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war will likely be decided in the south. 

South Ukraine is important to Putin because it’s the key to his dream of building a new Russian Empire… 

The Battle for Southern Ukraine will likely hinge on control of the Kherson region. It’s no exaggeration that Ukraine’s future may depend on regaining control over this region. Kherson will allow Russia to supply fresh water to Crimea. This is important for Putin’s land bridge that connects the peninsula to the Russian border. 

Southern Ukraine also has great symbolic value to Russia… because of its history and potential annexation.

Explosions Heard in Mykolaiv

This June, the Russian military started attacking Mykolaiv. Explosions were heard in the city. Mayor Oleksandr Senkevych announced what happened on Telegram. Hostilities are underway in Southern Ukraine.

Russian troops shelled the Bashtanka community in Mykolaiv Region. Unfortunately, it ended up killing two civilians and injuring one. They are also attacking areas in the Kherson Region.

In the war between Russia and Ukraine, the commoners suffer the most. These people are the ones who are caught in the middle of the conflict. They had their homes destroyed, lost their livelihoods, and mourned for their loved ones.

Nobody deserves to die on both sides. Not even the soldiers who are in complete psychological control of their own government…

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