The Biden Administration Wasted 15 Million COVID-19 Vaccines

The Biden administration is doing a terrible job of managing our resources for fighting COVID…

According to NBC, there are several reasons why vaccine doses get discarded: 

  • Cracked vial
  • Error diluting the vaccine
  • Storage malfunction
  • Lack of demand
  • Unused doses in an opened vial

Pharmacies and state governments in the US have wasted at least 15 million doses of vaccines since March. The numbers may still be an undercount and are expected to rise.

In data from the CDC, they found that 4 national pharmacy chains reported more than one million wasted doses each.

  • Walgreens with almost 2.6 million wasted doses
  • CVS with 2.3 million wasted doses
  • Walmart with 1.6 million wasted doses
  • Rite Aid with 1.1 million wasted doses

A CVS spokesman commented on the issue in an email. He said, “While we regret having to dispose of any vaccine, we’re extremely proud of our store employees who’ve helped administer more than 30 million doses.”

On the other hand, Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite Aid did not respond to the issue.

It’s disappointing to know that other countries are struggling to have their citizens vaccinated… while the US is just wasting its resources because of our incompetent government’s inability to manage resources properly.

Sharifah Sekalala, an associate professor of global health law at England’s University of Warwick, shared her thoughts about the issue. She said, “It’s really tragic that we have a situation where vaccines are being wasted while lots of African countries have not had even 5 percent of their populations vaccinated.”

Then she added, “A lot of the global south is unvaccinated. The African continent is still below 10 percent, and that’s just a huge inequality and it’s really problematic.”

UK’s University of York professor Tim Doran told NBC News in an interview, “You’ve got a very wealthy country with good access to vaccines essentially throwing vaccines away, and a lot of vaccines away, and you’ve got other countries and other communities within those countries who would really require it, who were having to wait and aren’t getting access to vaccine and that’s making them susceptible whilst they are awaiting vaccination.”

This is another example of pathetic dem leadership… and a glaring example of why the government needs to stay out of healthcare. 

NBC also reported the number of wasted doses per month in our country:

  • June – 4.4 Million
  • July – 4.7 Million
  • August – 3.8 Million

In June and July, the wasted doses were more than in March, April, and May combined.

The states with the most number of discarded COVID-19 doses are:

  • Texas with 517,746 doses wasted
  • North Carolina with 285,126 doses wasted
  • Pennsylvania with 244,214 wasted doses
  • Oklahoma with 226,163 wasted doses

First, the Biden administration fails to control these growing numbers of mismanaged vaccines. Now, he’s forcing mandates on Americans… while letting illegal border crossers roam free without getting vaccinated. 

The administration is not just wasting our country’s resources. They’re also throwing away the people’s trust…

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5 Thoughts to “The Biden Administration Wasted 15 Million COVID-19 Vaccines”

  1. Joe

    U just can’t fix stupid.

  2. Ronald Drouillard

    We have had plenty of time to get organized to distribute the virus drug. Can’t figure out the reason for wasting the drug distribution.

  3. Michael Portner

    It may be hard to understand yet our brain dead President doesn’t really make many decisions on his own. First are the “handlers” who pull Bidens strings. Above the handlers are the elites (who remain hidden) who actually tell the handlers what to have Biden do. Remember the midas story where everything the king touched turned to gold? Well it seems that Biden has a slightly different touch as everything he touches appears to turn to sh*t!

  4. Donald

    Wonderful!! 15 million doses that won’t be administered to harm, maim or kill our Citizens! 15 million doses of a dangerous drug that we now know doesn’t prevent a recipient from catching or spreading Covid and have themselves killed 10’s of thousands of recipients and left 190’s of thousands with long term disabilities. It is way past time tgat the mRNA vaccines were withdrawn from use and those responsible for conspiring to inflict these dangerous drugs on our Citizens be brought to justice.

  5. fran martin

    the real reason for mandates revealed!

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