The Border Crisis Invisible to Biden

Biden promised to reverse the immigration policies that President Trump placed. Now there’s more chaos at the border than ever…

Busloads of migrant families from border cities were dropped off all over Texas. 

According to Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, there were several “untested migrants” sent to Dallas, Austin, and Houston. The charter buses cost the city $8,000 – $10,000 dollars per day.

So far, the city has sent about 800 migrants north…

Laredo also said, “These migrants aren’t being tested. Border Patrol doesn’t test them. We [much less] don’t have the infrastructure [in place for] testing and quarantining.”

As of early August, the city had an estimate of 824 active coronavirus cases and 82 current hospitalizations.

The Biden administration’s reign has done nothing more than turn our country into factions against each other… and Biden is driving a wedge deep in between. 

And now they are forcing Texas to support hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants while dealing with COVID and a high inflation rate…

Georgia Congressman Earl Carter said during an interview that Biden and Harris have “left their responsibility” at the border. He also mentioned the border crisis is a “threat to national security and national health.”

Aside from Biden and the dem’s incompetence, other health authorities seem to abuse their power as well…

American Physician Anthony Fauci is now becoming politically biased against our patriots. He’s pushing that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota is a “Super Spreader” of COVID.

He keeps insisting that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will only make the virus worse. However, he never said a thing about the twisted dem’s activities such as:

  • Obama’s 60th birthday bash
  • The administration ignoring border laws
  • Biden’s 4th of July celebration
  • The concerts happening and festivals happening all over America

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem… who was looking forward to the Sturgis Rally, voiced out against Fauci’s hypocritical claims.

She said in an interview, “It’s shocking to me that he continues to pick on Republican governors, people who love their freedoms, and he ignores what’s happening at the border.” Noem then added, “Dr. Fauci’s become political and I think it’s become unfortunate. He has discredited his entire profession.”

Governor Noem has been to the border several times… and she’s doing everything in her power to do something about the current crisis. She also sent soldiers there to help lessen human and drug trafficking. 

It’s sad that even health authorities like Dr. Fauci are now siding with the dems. And he’s using his authority to bully our patriot leaders who are ACTUALLY doing their jobs right…

The Biden administration has been ignoring the border since his presidency began. That’s why Rep. Jodey Arrington encourages our Republicans to “put pressure” on Biden to visit the border just as they did with Harris. 

Biden and the dems don’t seem to care about what’s happening on our border. It’s time for everyone to speak up just like Governor Noem who can see the downward spiral we are facing.

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10 Thoughts to “The Border Crisis Invisible to Biden”

  1. sturgis

    biden doesn’t care about the boarder! This is what soetoro wants! Don’t forget, he wants to fundamentally change America! How do you like it do far!?

  2. jOY

    Biden really is that ignorant. He is out and out STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. michael sarnataro

    his up bringing must of been terrible what kind of parents did he have who in there right mind would do such a thing they make laws for a reason

  4. ward

    The border crisis is not”invisible” to biden & is intentional conspiracy for dictator power same as bo created in his 8 years of treason & now commie biden stench promotes bo as dictator ! Everything biden does in past10+ months is high treason to internally destroy U.S. Freedom ! U.S. Military Trials for biden, bo commie dems is now mandatory justice to save U.S. Freedom !

  5. Daniel Paul Piotrowicz

    The new world order dems are horse’s asses! *I will bet you their shit stinks too!!

  6. And senile and ignorant.

  7. Fed Up

    Biden has his head so far up his ass he can’t see anything.

  8. Pedge12

    Biden cares nothing about the U.S.; all he wants to do is brew hate and discontent between everyone — i.e., Dems vs Republicans; liberals vs conservatives; Whites vs Blacks; I can go on-and-on!!! He wants to make the United States into a Third World Country without giving any thoughts to bring this country together. I’m surprised he and his Communist cronies are still walking on the face of this earth!!

  9. Wade Murray

    I fully agree with you. I constantly comment how horrible he and his idiot followers are trying to destroy our country that we also love. It’s a horrible thing to think but all we can do is pray that they all drop dead. If America doesn’t stand up and take our country back from these idiots our children will never have the wonderful life that we have enjoyed. I hate what the Democratic Party has turned into. Our people better start doing the right thing to get us back on track and that’s impeach them one at a time until we’ve cleaned the Communist trash out of our country.

  10. WhiteWine

    Would like to see him held for trial at the Hague for treason! Because he certainly has done it to this Country, which he hates with a passion and the people in it! The Shadow president of this country is a communist of the first order! Biden, Soros, Obama and Clinton Crime Families should all be held for trial at the Hague for treason! Because they are all in it together! Biden had to be elected so Obama could have his third term and the get New World Order started. Obama is a Muslim from head to toe and nothing else but! Soros is funding all the money needed. Hope Barry get his wall finished at his new house on the island and a hurricane hits and blows all in the water along with Mr. and Mrs.! Be a happy day!

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