The End of COVID in America?

Joe Biden is ALL talk as usual, with his claims that America will be COVID-free by July 4th. 

But big words also need to be followed by actual action… just look at how President Trump handled things.

We all know that Biden is not in his prime anymore. He’s the oldest inaugurated president… at age 78. 

Is his health affecting his ability to get things done? We think so… 

Biden wants to celebrate the 4th of July almost COVID-free.

However, his goal to have 70% of Americans partially vaccinated is collapsing faster than Biden on a staircase.

Despite that, the White House claims with growing certainty that the 4th of July will be the day when America is free from COVID. The mainstream media might say so too… but we know that’s not the reality.

With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine under recent fire, it’s easily understandable why people are hesitant to receive a vaccine that poses such a serious health risk. 

This hesitation means that vaccine shots are just sitting and collecting dust, yet they still plan to use them on willing people.

White House Senior COVID-19 adviser, Andy Slavitt commented on the Ohio governor’s recent announcement that nearly 200,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses could expire on June 23. 

He said that “There is a very, very small fraction of doses that have been sent out to states that will ultimately not be used.” It isn’t realistic to expect that every dose will be used by the 4th of July.

Yes, skeptics might be more willing to get the vaccine if it’s required for travel or work. But let’s be realistic. No one wants to get shot with a vaccine that is almost expired.

All this skepticism of Biden’s BIG goal for July 4th boils down to the question of his capability to lead. 

Are his old age and declining mental health getting in the way of his ability to set and achieve his goals?

It’s still hard to believe that July 4th is supposed to be the end of COVID in America…

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15 Thoughts to “The End of COVID in America?”

  1. Frances Weingarten

    Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not a person that I would consider intelligent or aware of what he was doing or saying!! He has said that America will be Covid free by July 4th, but thus far, there is no indication of that being the case! It’s hardly acceptable that the Presiident of America would make such a statement, as it’s totally unsuitable! It’s my personal sense that Joe Biden is not at all suitable to be America’s president and it would be far better for America were he removed from the Presidency and from Congress!

  2. Michael Galvis

    Impeach this fool NOW !!

  3. Vern

    I agree with you on that idea.

  4. jerry lockhart

    yes i dont think Biden would know when coronavirus would stop or end unless he helped in starting the virus, and as for as not being in his prime , he wasn’t much when he was in his prime, and he was never a leader But has always been a liar, it must be hard for him containing all his racist ideals at home. come to think about it Biden and Obama has a lot in common .

  5. Aniruddha Ideaki

    This one is for Dems 😉
    Somebody will be coming after them

  6. Terri

    Interesting that you weren’t worried about this last year when Trump was the “oldest” president. He’s only a few years younger that’s Biden. There were times when he was confused, but he lied all the time , so that was normal for him.

  7. martin smith lll

    I don’t need anyone telling me soetoro-biden (soetoro’s third term) are lying! That’s what demonrats, and communists do!

  8. Vince

    ‘Brandon’ didn’t say, ‘WHICH 4th of JULY’!!!!!

  9. Barry

    One thing for certain Joe has become the biggest inexperienced expert of all time!

  10. bob

    Would you believe ANYTHING a person said ,, that lived in thier basement watching kidde porn for a year and sh!ts himself ????

  11. Mary J Nelson

    Good point.
    Which 4th of July.

  12. Larry!

    Yes your govt. lied to you and tricked you into taking depopulation shots, sorry there are way too many stupid people living amongst us now shut up !!!!

  13. Wes

    Socialist, Marxist, Communist. Not just words. His actions and the people that keeping pushing his empty promises. Who still believes he is a good President? First he needs to be a good person. The people that enable him, are worse. No I will not follow uwes off a cliff. China, Iran, North Korea all treat their people this way. For those who still think this President is not evil. When was the last time you fact checked anything? Wake-up.

  14. Wyatt Earp

    What virus???? When you are letting illegal immigrants into the country. WITHOUT THEM GETTING THE VACCINE what does that prove? People need to WAKE UP TO THIS DEMOCRAT SCAM BY BIDEN! Why you trying to force AMERICANS TO GET VACCINE BUT NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? I tell you why! CHINA afraid of American people! So it was China who with the help of Dr.Facui release the virus to KILLED OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! THESE VACCINE are not safe! Just a slow death for all. That was coming from a Chinese scientist who when into HIDING from Chinese government

  15. Donald

    Sorry to say your article makes it sound like the current mRNA. vaccines, except the J&J one, are safe and effective when they are neither safe or effective as science has shown. Thanks to science we now know that these mRNA vaccines do not prevent a person from getting Covid or stop an infected person from spreading it. EFFECTIVE,? NO!! WE NOW KNOW THAT 10’s of thousands have died (or murdered) by the mRNA vaccines, hundreds of thousands have been afflicted by long term disabilities by these mRNA vaccines, numerous miscarriages and sterility problems have been identified and the mRNA vaccines DO ALTER HUMAN DNA! So why have they not been pulled from use? Remember, the vaccine for Swine Flu were pulled from use after just 24 deaths. WHAT ISCWRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT, POLITICAL PARTIES AND THE PRESS FOR NOT CONDEMING THESE VACCIJES AND CALLING FOR THEM TO BE WITHDRAWN? Don’t forget that Pfizer has admitted to holding back from providing the FDA with with critical adverse reaction data in order to obtain emergency use approval. This is a criminal offense yet nothing has been initiated to bring Pfizer to justice. With all this data that is available to the public no action has been taken to stop the use of these ineffective and very dangerous vaccines! NO ACTION AT ALL! Instead the government is still promoting them as “safe and effective “! Who is leading this illegal and damaging promotion of these dangerous drugs? How many are truly involved?

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