The Republicans Succeeded in Defending Filibuster Shut Down

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The liberals’ attempt to remove the filibuster was shut down by our patriot leaders. The hearing ended with a 52-48 vote. 

The filibuster is a useful political tool that the parties will enact when they want to block a bill from passing or approve another.

Democrat senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema joined 50 Republicans in the battle to defend the filibuster…

Manchin shared his thoughts about the dems agenda to get rid of the filibuster. He said, “We need some good rule changes to make the place work better. But getting rid of the filibuster doesn’t make it work better.”

Sinema, a long-time filibuster supporter, also thinks the same. She said during an interview, “These bills help treat the symptoms of the disease. And while I continue to support these bills, I will not support separate actions that worsen the underlying disease of division affecting our country.” 

These two straight Democrats have been consistent in doing the right thing for the country… even if it means going against their party.

Disappointed with the results, Harris shared her thoughts about the liberals’ next move. She said, “What we will do is we will keep fighting to get the legislation passed because that is critical. So we are not giving up on that.” 

Then she added, “It is a matter of continuing to do the work of executive orders. This has been litigating these cases in the various states… because we believe that they are a violation of the spirit of the Constitution of the United States.”

Harris is definitely rattled; the liberals lost the battle too early. 

Why the dems Want to Remove the Filibusters

The reason is – the dems want to control the nation’s voting rights. They need to get the filibuster out of the way to do that …

Senator Chuck Schumer is one of the liberals who want to remove the filibuster.

But did you know that back in 2005, he was supporting the filibuster alongside Biden? He even said it would be “a doomsday for democracy” if the filibusters were removed.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst exposed Schumer’s reasons for changing sides…

She believes that the Dems won’t need the filibuster anymore, because the liberals are now in control of the administration. 

Ernst said, “Senator Schumer and then-Senator Biden were very ardent supporters of the Senate filibuster. Now they are in power. They don’t see the need to maintain the traditions of the Senate.” 

Ernst continued to emphasize the importance of the Senate filibuster to maintain balance. She added, “The Senate is there for cooler heads to prevail… and to stop knee-jerk reaction on pieces of legislation that come from the radical fringes. It forces compromise and protects the minority party. We need to maintain this because of the radical agenda that the Democrats want to push right now…” 

Then finally, she exposed the dem’s true motives on why they want to remove the filibusters. These liberals want to be in complete control of future elections. She said, “[They want] ‘elections takeover by the federal government.’ There are so many radical things that they have on their plate. The only way they can accomplish that is by getting rid of the Senate filibuster.”

No wonder Harris said that they are “never giving up” on the filibusters… 

The dems can only see the benefits of a monopoly like this; it starts with complete control over our voting rights. And once they take over the administration You know what’s next.

These liberals only want administrative power. It’s all for their own benefit and not of the country…

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