The Sweet Message Behind Thomas Rhett’s Bedtime Photo with Daughter Willa Gray, 3

Thomas Rhett understands the importance of taking care of his daughter Willa Gray‘s hair.

Earlier this month, the “Life Changes” singer, 28, shared an adorable bedtime photo of himself with his 3-year-old, whom he and his wife Lauren Akins adopted from Uganda in May 2017.

“Just a little night cap,” Thomas Rhett wrote alongside the sweet shot, as the pair cuddled up together while wearing matching silk polka-dot bonnets.

Although some of the singer’s fans may have initially viewed the photo as just another adorable daddy-daughter moment, many commenters pointed out how touching it was to see Thomas Rhett embracing his little girl’s hair needs.

Bonnets are a part of black haircare, as they keep hair from frizzing or being damaged by friction against a pillowcase.

Praising the father of two, one Instagram user wrote that seeing Thomas Rhett’s post made her happy because not all “families with adopted kids” take “the time to incorporate the child’s culture or cultural practices into their lives.”

“I’m glad that you guys have taken the time to incorporate black hair care into her life! I also hope you guys raise her with knowledge of her Ugandan heritage because our culture is beautiful,” the social-media user continued. (In response, the country singer replied with the praise-hands emoji.)

Other commenters expressed similar sentiments of appreciation. “You have no idea how important and beautiful this is,” wrote one social-media user, while another added, “This is everything!”

Reflecting on her own personal experiences, another commenter wrote, “I remember how embarrassed I used to be at sleepovers when I had to wear my bonnet around friends that didn’t understand. Thank you for supporting the differences of your daughter.”

Embracing their older child’s heritage has always been important to Thomas Rhett and Lauren.

“I hope God has given me all the right tools to raise Willa Gray to know that no matter where she comes from, she is our child, and that we want her to express her diversity,” Thomas Rhett told PEOPLE earlier this year. “She’s from Tennessee and she’s from Uganda and I want her to be proud of that.”

The singer, who also shares 16-month old daughter Ada James with his wife, hopes that this sense of pride is something they can instill in both their girls.

“I hope that we can raise both of our children to be super proud of who they are and where they come from — and that they know me and Lauren love them beyond anything else that exists in this world,” he added.

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