The Ultimate Conservative Christmas Movies

In the mood for Christmas movies, but want to avoid the liberal indoctrination? 

You’re not alone. While modern Hollywood only produces Christmas movies when they can be warped into having a liberal message, in the past, things were very different…

We’ve picked out some classic Christmas films from the past, giving you a perfect lineup for the next couple of weeks.

But first, what makes a Christmas movie conservative? 

Some liberals might imagine that every conservative film is more or less the same… that it’s all about the message.

That’s completely wrong, as you’ll see with our list of the Ultimate Conversative Christmas Movies just below. 

They cover practically every genre, are incredibly imaginative, and all have a genuine conservative message while staying focused on the real reason for the season.

So, without any further ado, our top 4 Conservative Christmas movies (and what makes their message so timeless):

4: A Christmas Carol: Think this classic Christmas story (in any of the many filmed versions) is anti-conservative? Wrong. Scrooge doesn’t become a socialist – he becomes a better capitalist. It’s a celebration of the free market, not an argument against it.

3: Home Alone: For a film about home invasion and the right to self-defence, Home Alone is impressively cheerful (and totally conservative) – that’s the Christmas spirit right there. And of course, while sequels are never quite as good, if you’re watching the second, it’s hardly a coincidence how prominently President Trump appears in the movie!

2: Die Hard: You know we had to include this one. There’s simply no reason not to think of Die Hard as a Christmas piece – strip out the action, and it’s all about a family reuniting because it’s Christmas. 

And conservative? No question – watch it again, and you’ll see why. An honest, blue-collar cop takes on a terrorist intellectual who pretends to be a Marxist for convenience, while rejecting the corrupt sellouts, cutting red tape and even fighting back against the media – it’s absolutely a classic.

1: It’s A Wonderful Life: Directed by lifelong Republican Frank Capra, this classic shows exactly what one dedicated small businessman can achieve, and how much his decisions mean for the world around him. It’s a classic for a reason – it shows us exactly what an American Christmas is all about. 

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