This Bad Lip Reading of Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper’s Oscars Performance Is Hilarious


The world is still not over Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s electric performance at the Oscars, where they reunited onstage for an extra special rendition of “Shallow” from A Star Is Born. But if you’ve already listened to the original version to death, then you might just be ready for the Bad Lip Reading version instead.

Transforming “Shallow” into “Chocolate Lagoon”, the geniuses running the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel found a way to turn the steamiest Oscars performance of all time into the funniest. By badly lip reading what Cooper and Gaga are singing in the unforgettable performance, the YouTubers created a brand new song that’ll make you view “Shallow” in an unexpected way. Watch the incredible video right now:

With lyrics like, “I wanna see you twirl/In a halloween store cloak/’Autumn is fall, they’re the same’/Said the little girl at blindfolded bingo,” it’s easy to see why the updated version of “Shallow” has had quite so many views already. It’s also worth nothing that “We’re far from the shallow now” becomes “We fall from the choco-cloud” in this rendition, which feels pretty perfect.

If you’re still obsessed with the original, then you can rewatch it right now:

But something tells me that “Chocolate Lagoon” is going to be playing on repeat in your head for the rest of the day.

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