Trump: ‘I’ll See You in Four Years’

Did President Trump just confirm that he’s planning a 2024 run? 

It sounds that way – in an exclusive reception for the RNC, Trump openly discussed his future plans for the first time, in a speech that’s terrified liberals across the country.

While things do change, Trump’s speech seemed to leave no doubts as to what he’s got planned for the near future. Here’s what he said:

“It’s been an amazing four years. We’re trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years”.

In other words, if the recount doesn’t work out, expect Trump to run in 2024.

Expect – and hope for. 

Trump is the single best-placed man to fight back against Biden, for all the same reasons he won against Clinton – and a few new ones.

With Biden’s absurd appointments and plans already set to spell disaster for average Americans, don’t be surprised to see Trump’s approval ratings shoot up in just a few months.

Millions of liberals are going to realize that Biden has no real plan to help them, doesn’t want what they want, and only really cares about enriching his allies. At the same time, the impending stock market crisis means serious trouble in the near future.

The fact is, when pressed, many of those same liberals will admit that Trump has achieved things that absolutely no other Republican or Democrat could do. That he’s made an almost unimaginable difference for everyday people.

Thanks to the incompetence of dems like Pelosi, the average American is getting absolutely no support. She rejected the major stimulus bill President Trump offered, only to accept one half the size after the election ended…

In other words, Pelosi decided to harm average Americans, depriving them of essential aid – just to help Biden. That’s how a Biden administration would look. No chance of any real support – unlike the direct stimulus provided by Trump. 

Because Trump isn’t a career politician, he’s not dragged down by the same baggage that stops other political figures from making a difference.

He thinks outside of mainstream politics – and that’s why he’s the only possible choice for 2024.

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3 Thoughts to “Trump: ‘I’ll See You in Four Years’”

  1. Shari M Weary

    You will be MY President for the next 20 years if I live that long! You have done more for the American people and have been more transparent then ANY President in history!!!!!!! I trust you and I will NOT recognize ANY Democrat as President EVER!!!!!!!

  2. Bob Thompson

    Mr. President, I will vote for you again, in 4 years. You are THE BEST!

  3. Dawn

    This country is going to be a DISASTER under Biden and Kamala…

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