Ukraine Loses a Third of Its Power Stations But Continues to Fight Russia

Russia continues to fire missiles at cities in Ukraine. The country has been in turmoil for months, and there doesn’t seem to be an end yet. Ukrainian citizens fear not knowing when the next attack will occur.

Despite Russian attacks, Ukraine has remained standing. Their ability to withstand Russia’s missiles has been inspirational. Even in the face of constant aggression, Ukraine has never given up.

Rusian Forces Losing Ground Despite Destroying a Third of Ukraine Power Stations

This October, Russia demolished nearly a third of Ukraine’s power stations. However,  Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said their forces continue to gain ground despite the situation.

Russian attacks have targeted population centers, parks, and infrastructures. Their forces launched barrages of missiles and shells into Ukrainian cities.

Zelenskky announced on his Twitter, “Since Oct 10, 30% of Ukraine’s power stations have been destroyed. [It caused] massive blackouts across the country. No space left for negotiations with Putin’s regime.”

The attack left swaths of capital without power, heating, and water.

Volodymyr Ariev, a member of Ukraine’s Parliament, told The New York Times that they’re not afraid of Russia’s power play. He said, “They use their expensive rockets for nothing to frighten people. They think they can scare Ukrainians. But the goal they achieved is only making us angrier.”

Ukrainian App Helps Citizens Take Down Russian Drones

Ukraine is currently using its technology to gain more progress in the war. A new application for mobile devices is helping Ukrainian citizens coordinate with the military. It aims to shoot down nearby Russian drones and missiles.

The Strategic Communications Department of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shared the app’s features in Jerusalem Post. He said, “The Android version of the ‘ePPO’ application is already available to download. Now every citizen of Ukraine can join the anti-missile and anti-aircraft defense.”

Moreover, Ukrainian citizens who downloaded the app can report:

  • The target’s name and location
  • Point their phones in the direction where the missile is coming
  • Press a red button to inform the military

The Ukraine military will use the signal to shoot down the threat.

The Ukrainian government posted on Telegram. It wrote, “Enemy attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are causing significant damage to our critical infrastructure. They also pose a significant danger to civilians. Suicide drones can carry several tens of kilograms of explosives… and create a powerful shock wave when hit.”

The government’s post also gave citizens tips to protect themselves from attacks. It added, “When you hear such a sound, try to get into a specially equipped shelter. Use basements, basement floors of buildings, underground parking lots, and passageways. Follow the ‘two walls’ rule.”

Ukraine is using all its resources… including its latest technology, to help fight Russia… and help its citizens survive.

It’s good that the Ukrainians are being successful in the ground fight. Hopefully, their cities can handle new missile and drone attacks. It sounds like it’s going to be a tough winter for them.

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