WATCH: Lip Fillers Can Lead To Cysts, And Those Cysts Have To Be Popped

Caution: Lip fillers can leave cysts when they are poorly injected, and those cysts have to be popped.

Dermatologists have become known for posting stomach-churning videos of procedures they perform in-office. And as a result, watching gigantic pimples being popped or viewing blackhead removal in close-up slow motion has become a guilty pleasure unlike any other for some people. Until now.

United Kingdom-based cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho has gotten in on the trend by posting clips of himself popping the lip cysts that can develop from botched fillers. Esho told HuffPost it’s necessary to remove the cysts because “if the lip becomes infected or forms a foreign body reaction, the cyst can increase in size.”

It’s as gross and mesmerizing as it sounds. Perhaps that’s why Esho’s recent videos, which he posts on Instagram, have racked up around 4,000 likes each and have been picked up by outlets across the internet.

The liquid that oozes out of the lip is filler, which is typically clear unless it’s not removed right away, Esho said.

“Over time, the cyst has calcified, which is the reason for the white color and puss-like consistency,” he said. The cyst is poked until the liquid comes out, resembling the classic pimple pop videos you both despise and can’t stop watching.

Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe told HuffPost that professional removal is not always necessary, and pointed out cysts can form without fillers, too.

“There are glands in our mouth and lips that secrete mucin and other enzymes that help us digest food,” he said. “If the opening of the gland becomes blocked, a cyst, or enlargement will form. Usually they resolve on their own in a matter of days. If they do not, then you need to visit your doctor for possible removal.”

Esho told HuffPost he’s noticed filler-related cysts are becoming more common, and suggests that if you do get fillers, it’s important to be prepared.

“I always say, this type of procedure may be non-surgical but it’s still medical,” he said. “It’s so important for people to do their research and choose the right practitioner.” He pointed out that in the U.K., the National Health Service recommends choosing someone to perform the procedure who is registered under a number of medical regulatory bodies.

Luckily for people who are considering fillers, there are not many other risks associated with the procedure, according to Rowe. “Sometimes bruising and swelling can occur with lip filler treatment,” he said, adding that most complications go away without a doctor’s help.

If you do have the nerve to give Esho and his scary videos a follow, you’ll at least be served a side of humor. “Champagne isn’t the only thing we pop on Fridays,” for example, is for sure our favorite caption.

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