We Told You So – Lincoln Project Sex Crimes Revealed

Remember the Lincoln Project? 

Probably the best-known of the anti-Trump ‘Republican’ groups, the group shook down naive voters for millions, then paid themselves most of what they collected.

Now, the alleged sex crimes of the Project’s co-founder have been publically revealed…

When we told you about the Lincoln Project, and their schemes for self-enrichment, it was already clear that their opposition to President Trump was because he didn’t want to hire their founders.

They got cut out of Trump’s campaign for President – and they decided they needed a new way to collect millions for doing nothing…

Now, John Weaver, co-founder of the Project (and former campaign manager for John McCain) stands accused of a whole lot more than just keeping donations for himself.

Over 20 young men (including at least one underage victim), have now accused Weaver of trying to pressure them into sex, trying to convince them that he’d be able to use his position to get them favors.

Of course, when someone acts like that, it’s not really about what they can do for the person they’re contacting… it’s about threatening what they can do if that person says no… 

While the Lincoln Project has recently cut their ties with Weaver, it comes a very long time after the first accusations about Weaver’s activities.

It’s hardly the first time they’ve underdelivered.

Famously, despite bringing in millions of dollars in donations, and absurdly hyperbolic praise from the liberal media for their adverts and social media posts, even more Republicans voted for Trump in 2020 than did in 2016.

In other words, the Project completely, utterly failed at doing anything but bringing in money for people like John Weaver. In fact, a shocking 89.3% of the donations taken in by the Project went straight into the pockets of their employees.

All that said, the grooming allegations aren’t even the only thing you should know about Weaver…

Despite the liberal obsession about ‘Russiagate’, Weaver is one of the very few Republicans with real Russian ties, going so far as to register as a ‘foreign agent’ for a Russian company.

No wonder liberals think so highly of them.

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