What the Media Won’t Tell You About Trump

You already know exactly how the liberal media feels about President Trump. From their constant lies about Russia to their denigration of his entire family, they just won’t stop!


Worst of all, they’re scared to even talk about the unprecedented achievements Trump has built over the last 4 years. They can’t admit that he’s made changes that absolutely no democrat could ever dream of…


Here’s just five of the actions President Trump has taken to make life better for each and every American. Get the real facts from Patriotic Right, and find out why the mainstream media is terrified to admit the truth!


You should already know about some of the biggest things President Trump has achieved over the years, but the media just doesn’t care. 


They’re happy to pretend that everything was perfect through the Obama years, ignoring the millions of Americans forced into poverty by his absurd policies. 


It’s time for a better option – stay tuned to Patriotic Right for news that will never sell out to dem interests!


Here are just a few of Trump’s biggest achievements from the last 4 years – in case the media’s made you forget them…


The Best Economy in History


It’s just a fact… the economy has never been better than it has under Trump. 


In the last 4 years, the Dow Jones has risen almost 10,000 points, increasing by almost 50% in a shockingly short period of time.


He’s also responsible for the single fastest turnaround in stock market history. After COVID fears threatened to collapse the economy, Trump turned it around in just a few weeks.


Just look back at 2008 to see how much longer it could have taken to recover…


Fighting the Opioid Crisis


The single biggest drug crisis in American history, the Opioid Crisis was created when Big Pharma got greedy, offering doctors bonuses for prescribing lethally addictive drugs.


While the signs were obvious more than a decade ago, dems did practically nothing to stop the spreading addiction…


It wasn’t until President Trump took office that we had a president willing to take the fight to Big Pharma, ending the murderous practice of opioid kickbacks, with the single biggest bill to ever target the drug crisis. 


That’s gone almost entirely ignored by the liberal media – maybe they just don’t care about the hundreds of thousands killed by the opioid crisis…


Operation Warp Speed


Just a few months ago, the mainstream media laughed at Trump authorizing warp speed development for a COVID vaccine… 


They said there was no way it would work. 


Wrong! It’s already led to two unbelievably effective vaccines, beating liberal media predictions by months, spelling the end to months of uncertainty.


Despite that, the media still won’t admit how much of a success Operation Warp Speed has been… until they can congratulate Biden for it. 


Economic Stimulus Payments


An almost completely unprecedented act, the Economic Stimulus Payments helped literally hundreds of millions of Americans, giving them the chance to beat bills, invest in the booming economy, or even start up a business of their own.


Just think back to Obama, and you’ll realize just how much better the 2020 stimulus was than anything in the past…


Faced with a major recession, Obama refused to help the average American. 


Instead, he gave billion dollar bailouts to his allies in the banks, without even bothering to get anything out of it – except for vast donations to dems around the country…


Space Force


What’s funny about looking forward to the future?


Absolutely nothing – and yet the mainstream media wants you to think that the very idea of the Space Force is absurd. 


They’re content with things staying as they are… they don’t want to take the necessary risks to innovate, to explore new possibilities.


Getting back to space used to be a goal for everyone – and it still should be. 


When President Trump founded the Space Force, he brought back a kind of hope for the future, a chance to do things better…


No wonder the media laughed at it.

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