Why Democrats Do Nothing

Right up until the inauguration, dems kept boasting about what they’d accomplish on Day 1 of the Biden administration…

2 weeks on, those promises are looking more embarrassing than ever.

What makes dems achieve so little? Here’s the facts…

If you listened to the dems in the run-up to the election, you’d have heard them make any number of promises about what they’d be doing as soon as they took power.

According to Biden, he planned to make a shocking number of changes on day 1 of his presidency: stopping evictions, launching a mask mandate, rejoin the World Health Organization, follow up on President Trump’s attempt to provide $2,000 checks to all American citizens.

Of course, none of that happened on day 1, leaving the liberal media scrambling for excuses: apparently ‘day 1’ didn’t mean ‘the first day’, despite the phrase being constantly used by Biden and his surrogates.

In fact, while pushing out any number of Executive Orders about practically meaningless points, two weeks in, the dems still haven’t done anything about the key promises they made to swing the election… particularly the $2,000 checks they promised.

Days after Biden’s inauguration, that $2,000 promise got a whole lot smaller, with dems and their media allies pretending that $1,400 was exactly the same thing.

Now, they’re even trying to take that away from hard-working Americans, trying to stop millions of Americans from claiming any stimulus at all – while funnelling millions to their allies. 

Again, for those keeping track, President Trump spent his last weeks in office trying to get you those checks, held back by RINOs and dems alike. If he had been re-elected, you know he’d have stopped at nothing to get every American that check, because he knows exactly how much of a difference it would make…

So why do dems keep overpromising and underperforming? It’s all about how the party works…

Elected dems simply do not believe the same things their voters believe… they’ve never shared the experiences that their voters have gone through…

But they know what voters want to hear. They don’t have any problem lying to the public, telling them ‘we’re on your side’… they have to pretend that there’s nothing they can do to keep their promises…

No wonder they’re going to collapse in the midterms…

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3 Thoughts to “Why Democrats Do Nothing”

  1. david hamilton russell

    Democrats are evil. Republicans have no balls. Experts don’t know shite.

  2. Dawn Doran

    I want Trump back!!!!!

  3. Barry Ingram

    Democrats are like snakes 🐍 in the grass they slither and stack pencil neck saggy Nancy and Schumer who’s going down first all
    Of them once a liar always a liar

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