1 Month In – Biden’s Failures Mounting

It’s now been a full month since Joe Biden took office, and, “shockingly”, he’s done barely anything to fulfill the promises he made to his voters.

Instead of any real action, the Biden team has just been living in the past…

Wasting time with pointless complaints about President Trump, while refusing to do anything about the very real problems facing average Americans today.

Right up until the day of the Georgia senate runoffs, Joe Biden and the rest of the dems had two relatively clear messages: 

1 – They weren’t Trump.

2 – If they won the seats in Georgia, every American would be getting a $2,000 check as soon as physically possible.

A month after the presidential inauguration, the truth is becoming more and more obvious.

Firstly, despite his posturing throughout the campaign, Biden is more than happy to continue practically every policy from the Trump administration – now with a lot less complaining from the liberal media.

In fact, he’s even happy to go further than that, doing everything that President Trump was accused of, with his team already having taken millions in profits from the administration’s decisions, and serious questions to be asked about his association with foreign governments.

And as for those checks, you already know most of the story.

The Biden administration immediately cut that $2,000 promise back to $1,400, claiming that the payments provided by President Trump was a ‘down payment’ on the whole…

Despite trying to strip the payments from anyone who made over $75,000 last year – nurses, doctors, heroes.

And, of course, the press wants you to believe that makes sense. If they’re taking the full payment away from anyone, the $600 can’t possibly have been a down payment, right?

If anyone points out the contradiction, they just get ignored… 

The media doesn’t want anyone even questioning Biden, yet alone calling him out on his lies. 

In fact, no matter what channel you tune into, you’re not going to hear anyone telling the truth about Biden’s cowardice… his refusal to tell the truth, or at least apologize for the lies he’s told all of his supporters.

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