Why Republicans Shouldn’t Trust Jeff Bezos

Self-made billionaire or dangerous fraud?

The fact is, Jeff Bezos is very different from what the mainstream media tells you about him…

Here’s why it isn’t just liberals who should be against Bezos.

Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was once the richest man in the world, advertised across the mainstream media as a ‘self-made billionaire’, as an example of big business done right.

The liberal media took that to a whole new level as Bezos publicly feuded with President Trump. They decided they needed a billionaire on ‘their side’ when they condemned the president.

The truth is very different.

In truth, there’s a reason why workers go on strike so often at Amazon… 

They’re really being mistreated… locked into what’s increasingly the only job in town thanks to Bezos’ attempts to build himself a monopoly.

While Bezos’ defenders claim to be on the side of the free market, that’s really not the case.

Throughout their feud, President Trump pointed out more and more of Bezos’ misdeeds – all entirely ignored by the liberal media. Here’s Trump putting it best:

“Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy… They have a tremendous lobbying effort… What they have is a very uneven playing field”.

Trump was right then, and is right now. 

They’re not paying their way, and they’re even taking unfair advantage of billions in incentives, robbing a system they’re refusing to pay into.

Amazon isn’t just a part of the free market – they’re trying to wipe it out.

Trying to become the only game around, so they can do whatever they want…

They’ve already spent millions to try and make that a reality, from hiring over 20 lobbyists to buying the liberal Washington Post, all to ensure that no one can stop them.

President Trump tried… you already know Biden’s not going to do anything to stop Bezos from expanding his control even further.

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