35% Increase in Crime Under Lori Lightfoot’s Leadership

Dem Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a terrible leader. Crime in Chicago continues to rise due to her negligence. 

Now, she is failing the city and its residents. Criminals are taking advantage of her weak leadership. The city is a mess and it’s only getting worse under her watch. Here’s what the dem mayor is up to right now.

Ingraham Exposes Lightfoot’s Incompetence

This May, Laura Ingraham discussed the growing violence in Chicago and how Lightfoot is not doing anything to address crime on “The Ingrahmond Angle.”

Ingraham believes that Chicago is becoming lawless. She said, “It’s total chaos and it’s making residents terrified to even go outside. On a nightly basis, the city is devolving further into lawlessness.”

But despite the chaos in the city, Lightfoot still thinks that she deserves a re-election. Ingraham added, “The unrepentant radical thinks she deserves to be re-elected. So critics complain her tone is as heartless as her policies are useless.”

Ingraham then exposed that Lightfoot was not doing anything to solve the crime crisis in Chicago. She said, “She still hasn’t addressed the heinous attack on 23-year-old Dakotah Earley who was ambushed, shot three times in the head and back, and left for dead in the street in an upscale neighborhood called Lincoln Park. After multiple surgeries, he’s still clinging to life. Zero suspects are in custody. “

The dem mayor is only letting the crisis grow in Chicago, while she gives herself time to go out of town for some leisure…

Lightfoot Reads a Book in Texas Instead of Dealing With Crimes in Chicago

The dem mayor was criticized for choosing to read a book in Texas, instead of addressing the crimes in Chicago. In a recent Tweet from this May, Lightfoot bragged that she can read “any damn book” she chooses. She posted a picture of herself reading “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Many Twitter users excoriated Lightfoot for the tweet.  Some urged her to tend to Chicago’s skyrocketing crime and go back to her city to do her job.

Lightfoot was so happy because she was free to read a banned book in Texas. But it seems that the demo-rat never thought that the freedom she’s enjoying in the state is made possible by a red state.

Chicago 911 Dispatcher Slams Lightfoot

Keith Thornton Jr., a 911 dispatcher on the front lines of the crime crisis is fed up with the city’s lawlessness. He slammed Lightfoot’s empty promises as crime skyrockets to 35%. He shared his thoughts on Fox News.

He believes that Chicago has no hope under Lightfoot’s leadership. Thornton said, “The city is done. If we don’t get new people to lead the city… then the city is done. There’s no structure, no organization. It’s all because of the mayor and her colleagues who support her and who are right underneath her in her administration.”

Then Thornton said Lightfoot needs be replaced to bring order back to the city. He added, “We need to put someone in office number one is going to support their officers and officers do bad things. Get rid of those guys.”

Lightfoot is a terrible leader who does not understand the needs of her citizens. She’s incompetent and out of touch with what people want… making it hard for her to lead effectively! She needs to step down as soon as possible.

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