President Trump is Making America Great Again in May

Donald Trump / Gage Skidmore / Flickr / October 29,2016 / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Biden administration has been a failure on every level. From their policies to the way they handle things, this team is just not fit for office. America needs someone who will work hard with integrity!

On the other hand, President Trump stays active in his mission of making America great again. He continues to show that he is worthy of leading the country. He is a strong leader who is always looking out for the best interests of the American people.

His actions show that he will always put America first, even if he no longer holds the title of POTUS. President Trump keeps his momentum this May.

Trump Endorses Several Other Patriots

Our president knows that America needs someone who can continue his legacy. Last April, Trump endorsed Dr. Mehemet Oz to run for the US Senate in Pennsylvania. This happened right after Biden threatened Dr. Oz to resign from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (PCFSN).

This May, our president continues to support patriots who can improve our country. He enforced the following patriots this month:

  • Jake Evans for Congress in the 6th Congressional District of Georgia
  • Joe Lombardo, who in the Nevada GOP Senate and gubernatorial primaries
  • Rep. Ted Budd, who is running to become the next senator in North Carolina

President Trump is always there for his fellow patriots. He believes in the message of these people…  so he’ll be behind them every step of their campaign journey!

Trump Slams Biden for Using Ukraine to Bag Billions of Dollars

President Trump slams Biden’s House bill that aims to send $40 billion to Ukraine. Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform, “Why are we giving more than $40 billion to Ukraine while Europe, by comparison, is giving very little. [They] are greatly more impacted by a Russian invasion, obviously, than the U.S.”

Then he said that Europe should pay its fair share. Trump added, “I made NATO rich by getting European nations to ‘pay up.’ Most were delinquent and either not paying or paying much less than agreed to. Get Europe, and others, to finally pay their fair share. China and others, [are] smiling all the way to the bank!”

Trump is right with all these points. The dems would spend some on Ukraine. But they will keep several billion for themselves to fund CRT, transgenderism, election fraud, and other such dem causes.

Trump Reacts to Biden Canceling Three Oil Leases

We all know that America was energy independent under the Trump administration. The decision of the administration to cancel three oil and gas leases was criticized.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “Not even believable that Joe Biden just canceled a major Alaska oil lease where not only big dollars would be made by the United States (instead of another country) but also massive amounts of oil would be produced when gasoline is at the highest price ever.”

President Trump has been using his social media platform to post regularly again… just weeks away from releasing an internet version of it. Truth Social is only available in the Apple store for now but will soon come across all platforms, including Android devices!

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