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Conservative Twitter User Suspended for Voicing His Criticisms

Tom Elliott – founder of the media production service Grabien – was temporarily suspended from Twitter after a tweet he had sent was deemed “an abusive message” criticizing a former Biden official’s opinion on vaccinations.

After the death of former secretary of state Colin Powell from COVID-19 complications, the former Biden coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt tweeted that this incident was a reminder for others to get vaccinated if they haven’t already. 

As a response, Tom Elliott tweeted back “Get vaccinated, then you too can die of Covid.” 

Powell was fully vaccinated, but according to a spokesman, he was immunocompromised by multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells.

To no one’s surprise, Twitter informed Elliott that he would be locked out of his account for a week because his tweet violated their rules about “abuse and harassment”. 

Is twitter looking for any chance they can get to silence the conservative voice? Had it been a tweet made by a liberal, would it have flown under the radar?

Elliott told Fox News Digital that he was poking fun at what he deemed was an “illogical argument.”

He also pointed out how Twitter failed to notify him as to whether he was accused of directing his “abusive language” towards Powell or Slavitt. 

“I got suspended yesterday for the crime of mocking an irrational argument,” Elliott told Fox. Although he admits that it was somewhat of a flippant tweet, he also points out that “that’s pretty much the whole point of Twitter.”

With the recent backlash against Facebook’s privacy policies and the ongoing battle for free speech on the platform, it seems that this fight is beginning to trickle down onto the other platforms they own…

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