Gun Control is All About “Culture Wars”

Gun control is not about “gun crime” anymore. Instead, it’s all about “gun culture.” 

The twisted dems continue to make anti-gun laws. They pretend that this is all part of their agenda to reduce crime rates… 

But in reality, they’re using this as an opportunity to stifle what they might call “Republican culture” in American society.

The dems want to create an anti-gun society, and they’re using gun control as a tool to do it. We all know that criminals don’t follow laws.. so the only people who will obey these new anti-gun laws will be law-abiding citizens… not criminals. 

It’s no secret that the dems hate guns… and they want to show everyone they’re in control of us. But, unfortunately, these anti-gun laws are destroying our conservative spirits.  

They believe that if we don’t have guns, there will be no crime, but it’s the opposite. The more guns people own in a society, the less crime there will be.

Studies show that “concealed carry ” reduces crime. Law-abiding citizens carry concealed guns in public places to protect themselves from criminals. 

The fact of the matter is that gun control is about “destroying the Republican culture.” It’s NOT just about preventing crime… 

The dems will do everything in their power to ban guns… and then they’ll find a reason to sugar-coat their agendas. 

Right now, the mainstream media is weaving a story that makes the dems out to be the hero’s, banning guns to reduce crime and violence in high-risk areas. But from the looks of it, they’re just being unfair to our patriots.

The only way for the Republican tradition to be preserved… is to convince the dems in power not to make any changes or additions to the current gun laws. Republicans must show that they’re not afraid of their enemies.  It’s about time we stop making bombastic claims and start taking action.

If we continue to let demo-rats take our gun rights, we will lose our identity and culture. 

The “cultural war” between democrats and republicans is just getting worse.

Another thing our patriots can do is to fight all the restrictions the dems are imposing… and be aware of their hidden agenda of “killing our culture.” 

Democrats are trying very hard to minimize gun ownership. If they want less crime, they should think about taking action against the criminals in question instead of banning guns. 

Americans need to know the truth about liberal gun control and what these twisted dems are trying to do.

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2 Thoughts to “Gun Control is All About “Culture Wars””

  1. Kimberly Read

    Total truth about Blinken. He’s WORTHLESS…

  2. Aniruddha Ideaki

    The confederates are right. and I AM NOT RACIST. I Like blacks and Asian peoples. They are my friends too!

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