Biden Murders the Gun Industry

Biden continues to blame loose gun control for the surge of crime. That’s the reason why he started calling for stricter gun control laws a few months ago. 

He said, “I’m the only guy that ever got passed legislation, when I was a senator, to make sure we eliminated assault weapons. The idea you need a weapon that can have the ability to fire 20, 30, 40, 50, 120 shots from that weapon, whether — whether it’s a 9-millimeter pistol or whether it’s a rifle, is ridiculous. I’m continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.”

Unfortunately, this terrible decision from Biden affected the demand for firearms…

The urge to buy guns for personal protection has decreased. The low consumer demand for guns made several gun manufacturers’ sales go down. 

Gunmaker Smith & Wesson is one of the biggest companies affected because of Biden’s unlawful gun restrictions. Last year the company’s sales were around 124%… now they’re only at 19%.

Aside from the low sales, their internal inventories are also not doing well.

Smith & Wesson CFO Deanna McPherson said that their company’s internal inventory remains “below their target level.” She also added that their distributor inventory was supplied below their “target level.”

According to Seeking Alpha, Smith & Wesson brands also missed their revenue by $3.98 million. This explains why the company’s stock has been dropping the past few months.

Sturm Ruger’s – Smith & Wesson’s competitor –  stocks have also decreased by 2.19% this September. Now, two of the biggest firearm providers in the US are having trouble because of Biden’s strict gun protocols.

Reputable companies are getting affected because the liberals are meddling too much…

Yes, Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure project is one of the main reasons why we have inflation today. But let’s not forget that Biden’s gun policy is also making it hard for firearm providers like Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger to earn a profit.

Biden is doing a pretty good job of ruining our economy… and taking away our patriots’ freedom to have their own guns.

It’s a good thing that our patriot leaders are eager to push through the Second Amendment Bill

Kentucky Rep. Josh Bray thinks this bill will preserve their family traditions. He was relieved that people could still teach their kids how to hunt and properly handle firearms. He said, “I feel like this bill will ensure that my son has the same opportunity I had.”

Wisconsin, Texas, and Missouri are finding ways to protect themselves from federal gun control restrictions with the Second Amendment Bill.

Our patriots have been fighting tirelessly to protect these rights. But Biden is pushing gun restrictions too far. Now, both Americans and the economy are suffering because of it.

Republican governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota says that taking away guns is an “infringement” on rights, and it’s also “unconstitutional.”

Biden will never make America prosper if he will keep us from having access to our basic freedoms. The only way for our country to be great again is to get these dems away from the White House…

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8 Thoughts to “Biden Murders the Gun Industry”

  1. Gary Dettl

    Remember one of the first things Hitler did when he became Chancellor of Germany was to confiscate people’s firearms. Arm up America

  2. William Santo

    Shame on joe and his administration!!
    Judgement day will come for all of us!!

  3. Dolores

    Biden is the worst president ever. He is killing America. How can we stop him?

  4. Lemont Cranston

    Invoke the Constitution and do away w/the dem–party. To be a socialist, one must do away w/the Constitution because it plainly states there is a Creator-God. And all our rights come from Him.
    Socialism says there is no god but the government(state). and all rights are given by it. It is impossible for the socialist to uphold the Constitution because it does not believe in it. And since the democrats removed the phrase, “under God” from their national anthem and their platform, there is no reason to believe they will uphold the laws!

  5. Sharifa Hotchkiss

    Pelosi belongs in CHINA BIDEN needs to learn to read,lock him up in the bathroom.He was hiding in the basement before the election.

  6. Anne Irwin

    God help us if theDems have their way with anything!!!

  7. Ideaki

    Sure! You are right. In Switzerland THEY HAVE TO HAVE GUNS AT HOME WITH BULLETS. In Italy, just across the border, you risk jail for having bullets. About the same in France. Who do you think is right?
    No hate, but be brave and willing to serve your family, friends country, the world…

  8. Donald

    Biden’s America LAST policies are as foolish as his green agenda. Both influenced his, and his handlers, decisions as the net result of his administration so far is disastrous to America and to the world. It matters not which countries are producing gas and oil as the net world production is only slightly less than before Biden cut American production thus the major percentage of price increases during his first year were more about profit taking than anything else. Biden’s twisting of facts and a few outright lies yesterday did nothing to clarify the issue or satisfy Amerixans and the world. I laughed when I heard him say that America produced more oil and gas during his first tear in office than it did during Trumps first year. Duhhhhh… Trump inherited a gas and oil industry bogged down in restrictions and needlessly high prices at the pump. It took a while for him to lift the restrictions and put new life in American production. Biden and his handlers inherited a strong and expanding energy industry and choked it on his first full day in office. Biden, his handlers and followers have to go as soon as Constitutionally allowed. Most by the vote, others like Biden and his close associates and handlers by our laws and our Constitutiobn by impeachment and charges of treason.

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