Wisconsin Immune to Federal Gun Law

Biden and the dems are still pushing for stricter laws surrounding the Second Amendment. Despite the federal government’s pushback, Wisconsin is doing a great job fighting these gun restrictions and preserving the conservative spirit.

The state passed the Second Amendment Sanctuary Bill this past June. Assembly Bill 293 will protect Wisconsin gun owners from federal gun laws with the following considerations:

  • Guns made in the state after the bill have to be stamped “Made in Wisconsin” 
  • Guns built in Wisconsin that never leave the state will avoid implications from all federal laws

Wisconsin is only a few steps closer to proclaiming itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” state. 

Tyler August, the Republican rep. of Lake Geneva said, “Passing this bill is going to be protecting the Second Amendment rights of the people who live in these state’s borders.”

Treig Pronschinske, a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly also believes that the Second Amendment Sanctuary is necessary. It protects Wisconsinites from the tyrannical federal government seizing legally-owned firearms. 

Other states against gun restrictions should follow what Wisconsin is doing right now. It’s the best course of action available to protect our conservative spirit from the federal government’s restraints.

There are other states in the US that are attempting to become Second Amendment Sanctuary states. 

Kentucky is one of them. Their state Rep., Josh Bray, thinks this bill will preserve their family traditions. He was relieved to know that people can still teach their kids how to hunt and properly handle firearms. He said, “I feel like this bill will ensure that my son has the same opportunity I had.”

The Republican governor of Missouri, Mike Parson signed the bill last June. However, it’s getting a lot of opposition from the dems. 

The Wisconsin Senate took action on the same day Biden launched a crime-prevention strategy calling for stricter gun restrictions. According to cdc.gov, the states with the most gun violence are Alabama, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Arkansas.

Liberal lawmakers have unified control of Congress and the White House… and they’re also pushing for firmer gun restrictions. 

A series of high-profile mass shootings have left communities grieving. And Biden believes that imposing strict gun restrictions will be the end-all to save people’s lives… Obama also thought that people shouldn’t even be allowed to own guns. 

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone since they’re both liberals who have no idea what they’re talking about…

Our Republican patriots have been fighting tirelessly to protect these rights… but Biden is pushing gun restrictions too far.

Republican governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota says that taking away guns with Red Flag laws is an “infringement” on rights and it’s also “unconstitutional.”

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy also tweeted, “Republicans will strongly oppose and pursue every option — be it legislative or judicial — to protect the right to keep and bear arms.”

Our republican patriots have every right to fight for their gun rights… Wisconsin’s success is proof that progress is being made.

We oppose gun control because it is our constitutional right to own them and protect ourselves. 

Biden, the dems, and the mainstream media won’t stop us from fighting for our rights… this part of our identity will always remain within our conservative spirit.

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6 Thoughts to “Wisconsin Immune to Federal Gun Law”

  1. John Mulfort

    ALL conservatives need to realize AND AFFIRM that the 2nd Amendment DOES NOT GRANT the right to firearms for personal defense or to fight tyranny. That right is God given, or a NATURAL RIGHT of merely being able to protect oneself from the illegal violence of others, whether they be individuals, or the government…The 2nd Amendment merely ONLY GURANTEES THE PREEXISING GOD GIVEN OR NATURAL RIGHT OF BEING A FREE HUMAN BEING- IT DOES NOT, AND NEVER HAS GRANTED THAT RIGHT… Therefore, the left’s attempt to take away the guarantee, merely means it is time for the citizens to use the GOD GIVEN, or NATURAL RIGHT to resist, AND FIGHT with all their abilities, this attempt to take away the real right that government cannot take away, REGARDLESS of whether the left tries to take away that right legislatively, or by force. IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF THEY TRY TO TAKE IT AWAY WITH FORCE, or it’s many legislative encumbrances [infringements directly FORBIDDEN in the 2nd Amendment], otherwise known as taxes or regulations…Molan Labe

  2. ward

    The dem’s biden,bo shadow wannabe totalitarian dictators are the instigating anti-gun creators for their own NWO tyranny to destroy all Freedom & Rights ! These 2 terrorist supporting anti- U.S.A. tyranny support the “one with the gold makes the rule” and satan being their leader ! A vote fraud commie instjgated dominion computer machine with illegal foreigners is proven to be a dem’s weapon of mass destruction to internally destroy U.S. Freedom, Rights & Security ! Treason is the dem’s crime and execution of commie supporters is the only past due justice !

  3. Aniruddha Ideaki

    Dems are doomed! I like Blacks, Asian peoples, even the KKK if they like foreigners!

  4. Carolyn Kiker

    Biden is not mentally fit to run the country. His dementia is getting worse and it shows. SHAME ON YOU JILL FOR LETTING YOUR HUSBAND BE USED BY GOD KNOWS WHO. You took an oath to serve and protect this country and you failed. You have NO HONOR and we can not respect you for letting us down. Sure take our means of safety away while you have secret service. You need to stay away from us as you are declining….our country is NO LONGER A SAFE PLACE.

  5. Wyatt Earp

    If these fool call anti- guns supporter hate guns! Then move out of America! You think you will live long without a guns? I doubt you live a years! How stupid are you? Back in the 1980 there was NOTHING LIKE WE SEE TODAY! And every home had a GUN IN IT! You fool are in denied of the REAL PROBLEM! Because you created it by pushing it upon the DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS! You are the ones who then created these shooter who brain were fry by your DRUGS USE AND PUSHING UPON OTHER PEOPLE! So why not commit suicide? Since you are the ones who gotten these young people on DRUGS! Now you see hundreds if shooting in CHICAGO AND NEW YORK! THAT WAS CREATED BY YOU ANTI- GUNS SUPPORTER! Because fool will PAY FOR A HIT! AND DRUGS DEALER WILL KILL IF ANOTHER DEALER TRY TO SELL DRUGS IN HIS SPOT! Same thing happened in gangs area where gangs gone after someone for selling drugs in their area! ALL THIS WAS CREATED BY ANTI-GUNS SUPPORTERS AND DEMOCRAT SUPPORTERS!

  6. Wyatt Earp

    We need a laws that hold those responsible for pushing drugs on young people. Like in China these pusher lose their thumb the first time. Then another finger the second time they get caught selling or pushing drugs upon the young people! We all know the reason why these anti- guns supporter hate guns! It due to their fear of being killed selling drugs! Or child abused a young child! Media will not tell us the truth! Because it doesn’t fit their narrative of causing a race war! Or attacking the enemy of the country! Which is the democrats and Republicans who are getting wealthy off these big tech companies and social media that are run by foreign government! How do you think Zuckerberg got his million? His wife is a CHINESE GENERAL DAUGHTER! She has influenced him to be a SPY FOR THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT! Just as the CARTEL IN MEXICO HAS INFLUENCED THE DEMOCRAT party! Drugs is big money to these CARTEL AND POLITICIANS WHO REFUSED TO PROTECT OUR BORDER!

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