US Athlete Disrespects America

This year’s ‘2020’ Olympic games in Tokyo are finally drawing close; what’s supposed to be an exciting time for Americans to show their pride is turning into a platform for hate crimes. 

The Olympic games are already making the news thanks to activist athletes using their publicity as a means for protesting social and racial injustices. 

All protests and demonstrations are strictly banned under Rule 50 of the games, but the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee CEO Sarah Hirshland allowed “respectful demonstrations on the topic of racial and social justice” during the trials, in an open letter to athletes. 

This rise in sports activism is in part due to Colin Kaepernick, who became a martyr for racial injustice when he took a knee during the national anthem.  

After that, several other athletes joined the movement, notably the Women’s US National Soccer team, who also started kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality and police brutality.  

Everyone is allowed the right to peaceful protest under the first amendment, and it’s important that we maintain these rights. But there comes a point where it’s utterly ridiculous and just plain disrespectful…

That’s exactly what we witnessed when Olympian and third-place finisher in the hammer throw Gwen Berry turned her back on the American flag during the national anthem.  

Berry claims she was “set up” after being told that the national anthem would play before the athletes stepped foot on the podium, instead it was played after they got onstage.  

The USA Track and Field spokesperson Susan Hazzard said that the national anthem was scheduled to play at 5:20 p.m. that day, but the music didn’t actually start until 5:25. “We didn’t wait until the athletes were on the podium for the hammer throw awards. The national anthem is played every day according to a previously published schedule.”

Why would any athlete even bother competing for America if they can’t respect the symbols that represent our country? 

The Olympics are a grand event for American patriots to celebrate our athletes. Athletes who instead of representing our country, choose to hate on it and disrespect its symbols. 

Tyrus Murdoch, a Fox News Contributor spoke up about the lack of respect Berry had for this country’s flag. 

“I have no problem with a professional athlete being a citizen, taking a respectful knee during the flag if that’s what you choose to do while still honoring the flag, I have no issue. She turned her back to the flag. This very simply, why are you even competing in the Olympics if you hate the flag and the country so much?”

As a country, we’ve never been perfect, but we still have a lot to be proud of, and we should not forget these things. As highlighted in a tweet by U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), he calls out the left for being so hateful towards America. 

Berry’s protest doesn’t focus on highlighting racial or social injustice in America. 

Instead, it’s a hate crime against our country and an example of another ‘activist athlete’ trying to cash in on the publicity that comes with saying America is awful. 

This same country gave Berry the opportunity to compete in the Olympics and achieve a dream so many across the world have to fight twice as hard for. 

With the Olympic games drawing closer, we can only hope that the athletes who compete for America actually WANT to represent this great country…

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19 Thoughts to “US Athlete Disrespects America”

  1. Mark

    Brain-dead, sore loser (3rd place!) and definitely has no knowledge of history or current world events

  2. Jim Wright

    If you dislike this country as much as this disrespectful suppose athletes do, why not pick one of the other 248 countries in the world that matches your attitude better and move there? Represent them, leave your U.S. citizenship and passport at the border and never return to this country. We don’t need or want you here if you don’t love and respect this country.

  3. Terry

    Berry should go live in a Communist Country and try this, she’d find out just how FREE the United States is.

  4. Dolores Herrmann

    Drop her from the Olympics. She doesn’t deserve to compete. It’s for AMERICANS not dissenters.

  5. Jim

    If this young lady hates America so much why did she bother to participate in games. Was she compensated for her stupidity? Our country needs to change direction. Thanks to Maxine Waters this is going to continue. If you want to see racism take a look at her. How did she get where she’s at in public service? She talks out of both sides of her big mouth and instills her stupidity in the young. Racism will never end with people like her preaching about something she apparently doesn’t know anything about. If you want to talk about racism take a look at the classes of people who have made their fortunes by taking advantage of not just people of color but all people. Our flag is to be honored by everyone. To include Waters and those people who want to be noticed as celebrities. God bless America and the people who strive to live in a great country.

  6. martin smith lll

    They should not be allowed to represent the U.S.A. in any sporting event!

  7. Douglas Max Dean


  8. Aniruddha Ideaki

    I guess the US is my favorite country, at the moment at least, for those who stand by the side of Trump! ;-))

  9. John J

    Leave her there, she is NOT an American, just a black piece of trash without a country

  10. Wyatt Earp

    If you know the truth it would set you free! But we know most of today youth can’t even read or do math at grade level. Can’t even tell time from a clock hanging on the walls! Just as our college are full of kids that not there to learn. But party, and have unsafe sex, and use drugs! Their professors is not much older than them. And these kids are talking advanced of their lack of understanding. Kaepernick just doesn’t get it! What his point of lying out loud? Was it due to his MUSLIM GIRLFRIEND? She sure doesn’t belong in America. But why she come her? You can believe that Muslims try to screw the mindset of young black people. Think about what that Muslim leader said back in 2008! Colin Kaepernick is lucky to be ALIVE TODAY! HIS BLACK MOTHER WAS GOING TO HAVE AN ABORTION to kill him in the womb! He was a failure in life in pro football when all the other player retire or moved to other teams. He couldn’t even throw a five yards pass without throwing it on the ground!!! Black that listen to him are also listening to that other Muslim fool! Not knowing they do NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST! The only way to HEAVEN!

  11. Beatle Bailey

    If you don’t like or respect this country! Then leave! Because! Many men and women have die to give you disrespectful idiots! A free life! I spit on you people!

  12. Don Abrams

    Lovett or leave it might be a cliche but it’s totally true the Bible says grow where you’re planted appreciate what you have and don’t murmur Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father

  13. Joe

    If these woke athletes can’t respect our country, they shouldn’t be allowed to compete, for our country. I’m so sick of these pathetic,idiots, I don’t even watch sports anymore.



  15. Old wolf

    The real question is … why are they living in the USA if they hate it so much . They take advantage of the chance to be in the Olympics . Specially blacks that disrespect the country that gives them the most . They can always go back to Africa and play for them . That way they won’t have to suffer in a country that gives them more then any other country will . Nothing but whiney little bitchs .

  16. bob

    Inbred commy slut Gwen Berry is just your typical tree swinging , bananna eating , U.S.A. hating , liberal jism swallowing , flag hating degenerate !!! She belongs back in the forest , high up in the trees so she can enjoy all the long vines !!!

  17. Ivory L Downs

    Bull, this is a very Racist country. We don’t hate this Racist country, this very Racist country hate us ,always have since Slavery. We are not going anywhere.If you bring your Stupid as to my house, you will get Shot

  18. Wyatt Earp

    These athletes can leave ! Their stupidly is showing. For once they can put their dumb price aside, and be thankful they live in a country were they are free! And not running for their life like those in SOMALIA OR OTHER AFRICA COUNTRY!

  19. Faye

    my comment is that Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger and all the past and present communists have taken over our country and youths. Ignorance is prevalent in schools and the mainstream media, I think the Olympics should be dissolved for the next few years until we can get intelligent athletes and promoters to actually know our history to respect America and all that have lost life and limb for the greatest country that it used to be. How disgraceful Berry and others are. What losers!

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