The White House Wants to Vaccinate Our Children

White House Tells States to Prepare for COVID Vaccinations on Children.

The White House officials don’t seem like they have any plans to stop their power play for full control. They’re insisting that the nation’s governors prepare vaccinations for children from ages 5-11.

In a private meeting with the nation’s governors… The White House said they wanted to start vaccinating “elementary-school-aged kids.” They’re planning to implement this protocol in early November.

The White House is more than ready with their new experiment. They informed the governors that they have “enough doses on hand for 28 million children.” They’re expected to become eligible once the federal regulators give them the go-signal.

White House COVID coordinator Jeff Zients shared his thoughts on their disastrous plan. He said, “We’ve secured plenty of supply, and we’ll be putting in place an allocation, ordering, and distribution system… similar to what we’ve used for the other vaccines.”

Then he added, “It’s important that all of us recognize… that parents have been waiting for a pediatric vaccine for a long time. So they will be very eager to get their kids vaccinated or kids vaccinated right away.” 

Zients made it sound like the dems care for the children of America’s health. But the truth is, they’re just using this as an opportunity to increase the scope of their experiment.

These liberals are preying on the weak and innocent. And they’re only violating human rights by forcing this mandate.

First, the CDC called for “urgent action to vaccinate pregnant women. The dems require these dangerous COVID-19 vaccines… that can endanger both the mother and unborn infant. 

Now, they want children to be vaccinated as well with their unreliable sciences…

The science behind the dem’s COVID 19 vaccines won’t fool our patriots. We have grown “less confident” with the science we have today.

A Gallup poll showed a comparison of our Americans’ confidence in science in 2021 and 1975.

  • There were 45% of Republicans who said they have confidence in science in 2021; compared with 72% who felt that way in 1975
  •  Among the dems, there were 79% who said they’re confident now; compared with 67% who said so in 1975

When science and technology were in an initial phase of discovery, our country’s political parties had MORE confidence in science than they do nearly 50 years later…

Gallup pollster Jeffrey Jones said that the Republican’s mistrust stemmed from “liberal bias allegations” in the scientific community. 

He also mentioned that “Republicans mistrust colleges and universities and cite a liberal political agenda as the reason for that lack of trust.”

For our patriots, it seems that science is now becoming a politicized topic. And it’s understandable why conservatives feel this way.

Those who follow the dem’s vaccine mandate on both children and pregnant women are genocidal maniacs. The future of the human race is at stake here… and the liberals are only using vulnerable people as their lab rats.

These liberals always play the long game when it comes to a major change in society. This is a clear sign that we patriots should educate ourselves before these dems destroy our children’s lives.

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3 Thoughts to “The White House Wants to Vaccinate Our Children”

  1. Wyatt Earp

    If I can’t sue anyone who created the shot. Then there no need for the government tell me our children need vaccine! There NO LAWS THAT GIVE ANY PRESIDENT OR HIS CORRUPT CDC OR DR. FAUCI THE RIGHTS TO FORCE US TO TAKE THE VACCINE! Show me were it say in the CONSTITUTION LAWS! If you going to force companies to force employees and school force children to get vaccine. YOU HAVE VIOLATION THE CONSTITUTION LAWS YOURSELF! SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS CALL YOU. A TYRANNY GOVERNMENT! AND GIVEN THE PEOPLE THE RUGHTS TO OVER THROWN YOU OUT OF OFFICE!

  2. mike

    y dont they mandate a vaccine or cure for t kids in st jude seems like they need it more. if any kids r dieing they r

  3. Karen D Chervinskis

    This is not right
    Biden’s agenda is to bankrupt America and we the people. He is a compulsive, habitual liar. A (so-called) President, should not be lying about anything regarding his agenda for the country. He must be stopped now. I think America should be authorized to vote for impeachment!!?

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