Biden Announced $300 Billion Student Loan Handout Despite Inflation

Biden is ready to waste $300 Billion for his student loan handout. We all know this legislation is unnecessary and will worsen our economy. That amount of money is nearly half of our entire yearly defense budget.

A mother from NJ even shared her worries on Fox News about dem’s new program. She confessed, “I pray my son never wants to go to college one day. [I wish he would] make a lot of money doing something he loves, with zero debt — unlike me.”

Parents like her triggered our patriot leaders to do something about this issue.

Patriot Leader and Economist Blast Biden’s Student Loan Handout 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis scrutinized Biden’s student loan handout. He believes that universities should be held accountable instead of taxpayers. The patriot leader said in a press conference, “It’s very unfair to have a truck driver have to pay back a loan… from somebody who got a Ph.D. in gender studies. That’s not fair. That’s not right.”

Then he argued that universities benefited most from the debt taken out. DeSantis said, “The people that should pay for it [are] not the American taxpayers. It should be the universities [that] should be responsible for that. If they’re producing people that go deep into debt and their degree is not worth anything, that’s on them. They’ve had an incentive to get more and more loans taken out and then put it in their pocket.” 

Our patriots agree with DeSantis. Colleges should be giving the credit back to the students. The major universities are sitting on billion of dollars in endowment money.  Maybe the IRS should go after that with their 87,000 new attack dogs.

Moreover, economist Steve Moore told Fox News that the student loan handout is “blowing up in his face.”

Moore exposed Biden’s hypocrisy and incompetence with handling federal funds. He said, “It’s comical that the administration is talking about reducing debt. Since Joe Biden came into office, if you add up all those spending bills… and then if they would put $500 billion more on that per student relief you’re talking about… [that would amount to] over $4 trillion of spending.”

He added, “This amount of debt is the biggest weight on the economy. It’s what makes me most nervous about what we’re doing to the future of our country… [as well as] the ability to create a prosperous society.”

Washington Post Defend Dem’s Student Loan Handout

The Washington Post warned that there might be financial consequences… if the GOP were to block Biden’s student loan handout. For obvious reasons, the news company is siding with the demo-rats.

They wrote, “A legal battle could carry stark financial consequences for millions of student borrowers, who rejoiced after Democrats delivered on a long-standing promise to erase some of their debt.”

We all know that the entire program is unconstitutional.  Biden should have no power to forgive the debts.  

Congress must approve this expenditure. Unfortunately, that won’t be a problem for the liberals since they control Congress.

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