Biden Appoints Another Woke Leader in the Military

We all know that the Biden administration hasn’t done anything good for our armed forces.

The US military continues to lose its identity… because of the liberals’ incompetence to steer them in a better direction.

We all know that the military’s purpose is to serve as a deterrent to war and win battles to protect American citizens. However, they’re more concerned with being “woke” as they focus their resources on critical race theory and diversifying their forces.

We’ve witnessed the administration engage in some dirty power play over the past few months when Biden announced that he’s willing to take away unvaccinated veteran’s VA benefits. Because of his vaccine mandates, he found a good excuse to steal our veteran’s incentives.

Now, the dems are continuing on their path of wrong turns with our armed forces…

This year, Biden nominated Lt. Gen. Michael Kurilla to be the next commander of Central Command (CENTCOM). Another Biden appointee who will be pushing woke policies ahead of National security. 

The U.S. Defence Department’s press officially announced the possible turnover. They stated, “Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III announced today that the president had made the following nomination: Army Lt. Gen. Michael E. Kurilla for appointment to the rank of general, and assignment as commander, U.S. Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. Kurilla is currently commanding general, 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.”

Kurilla must be an extreme leftist. Otherwise, he would have been purged from the military by now. His role would involve overseeing:

  • Military operations in the Middle East
  • The residual effects of the Biden Administration’s chaotic withdrawal in Afghanistan
  • Iran’s nuclear ambitions
  • The potential reemergence of al Qaeda and the Islamic State
  • Civil Wars in Syria and Yemen

He will replace General Kenneth McKenzie Jr., whose tenure will end later this year. 

According to Tehran Times, McKenzie has a terrible record in his career. Incompetence is the main reason for replacing this current CENTCOM commander…

who, unlike many other U.S. generals, is accustomed to issuing politically-motivated statements.

McKenzie seems to be wrapping up his tenure with remarkable failures. His successor, Kurilla, is expected to face more daunting challenges than McKenzie.

If Biden thinks that Kurilla is the right guy for the job, then he probably isn’t. We may not know much about Kurilla’s record yet, but we know about Biden…

He has an unprecedented record of always making the worst possible choices. Let’s not forget his massive failure in Afghanistan. The demo-rat’s “strategic withdrawal” was one of the worst decisions in his term as president… where he promised that no American would ever be left behind.

Unfortunately, Biden only:

  • Abandoned remaining American civilians and allies in Afghanistan
  • Left millions of dollars worth of military equipment behind for the Taliban to steal

Biden appointing Kurilla might be his next BIG mistake for the US military… or worse, for the nation itself. It’s only a matter of time until we get to tell the whole of America, “We told you so.”

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