Brian Babin Protects Veterans’ Benefits from Bidens Agenda

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Texas Rep. Brian Babin exposed the Biden administration’s agenda of stealing VA benefits from veterans who still refuse to get vaccinated… These liberals are abusing their power under the guise of ‘helping people’.

Last November, Biden ordered the Department of Veterans Affairs to hold off healthcare benefits for unvaccinated veterans.

The demo-rat said, “Veterans are part of the problem when they should be part of the solution.”

Then he mocked our veterans who risked their lives in Afghanistan. He said, “You are willing to take a bullet in the head for next to nothing. Get blown to bits over in Afghanistan. But you won’t let us pump some mRNA molecules into your arm?”

“Do what we tell you to do and continue your service to this great country. Or go without your healthcare benefits. The choice is yours,” He added more to his statement as he threatened America’s true heroes. 

Biden wanted to make it look like he’s being a good role model for the American people. But in reality, he’s just hitting our veterans with his forceful mandates. The liberal is now playing dirty with his hypocrisy…

This triggered a group of House Republicans to introduce legislation to ensure that service members do not lose their VA benefits if they choose not to get the vaccine. 

The man leading the charge is Babin himself. He believes this bill will ultimately kill Biden’s vaccine mandate for the military moving forward. Babin shared his thoughts during an interview in Newsmax.

First, he made it clear that his team is getting the support they need. He said, “We are getting support. We have a number of cosponsors with us. Many other veterans themselves, as am I.”

The US Military Needs to Wake Up and Stop Being “Woke”

Babin then reminded the viewers of the administration’s incompetence… ever since Biden has been seated in power. He added, “We have seen the history of this administration under President Biden. They prioritize military wokeness over military readiness. We’ve seen that over and over again… much of the detriment of our national security. He’s cutting defense funding by billions. I can tell you that the Russians and Chinese are certainly not doing that. Don’t forget what Biden did in Afghanistan. It was the most inept, incompetent withdrawal. He couldn’t call anything but a retreat, leaving our allies… leaving their American citizens there.”

Then, Babin emphasized the need to protect our veterans from the administration… especially after they risked their lives to save us. 

He said, “We have to protect our veterans… and we’ve seen these COVID mandates. We’re in the process, possibly losing about half of our border patrol… and we’re gonna lose many of our brave veterans. I can tell you that his authoritarian mandates are going to have to be a challenge in every single step. That’s the reason I introduce ‘Our Veterans Earned It Act’ to ensure that no serviceman will be losing his benefits for not taking the vaccine… which is their right.”

Finally, Babin announced that he will do everything in his power to prevent Biden’s selfish agenda. He said, “I will not stand by and watch Biden steal from our veterans what they bravely earn. Each of our service members didn’t fight for our freedom, to have their freedoms taken away.”

Texas Rep. Pete Sessions is a bill co-sponsor. During a press release, he also shared his thoughts on why they’re determined to protect our veterans.

Sessions said, “The men and women of our U.S. military… those who protect and defend their fellow countrymen… are being threatened into government submission through an unconstitutional vaccine mandate. The President wants to relabel and punish these honorable service members and strip them of the benefits they’ve earned.”

Then he added, “Patriots and I will not tolerate this treatment of our active military and veterans. I support Congressman Babin’s efforts to look after those who’ve selflessly served our great nation.”

The dems have no right to strip our veterans of their benefits… just because they don’t want to get vaccinated. It’s great to know that our patriot leaders are uniting as one; they’re doing everything they can to stop the administration from abusing their power.

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    Babin needs to get another look at our withdrawal from Viet Nam or was he too busy looking at himself when that happened.?

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