Build Back Better Provision Allows 7 Million Illegal Immigrants Into America, Claiming it’s “Not Amnesty”

The immigration portion of Biden’s Build Back Better act contains immigration provisions that have House Republicans voicing their concerns. 

The bill includes a plan to grant parole and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, as a means of protection against deportation.

Federal law allows for parole to be used in a case-by-case situation – for urgent humanitarian reasons or for significant public benefit – and would be used to protect illegal immigrants if they were already in America before 2011, and are either recipient of Temporary Protected Status, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or are deemed “essential workers.”

The dems are claiming that this provision included in the Build Back Better act is “not amnesty”…

The provision would give parole to almost 7 million illegal immigrants, up until September of 2031 assuming that they pass a background check and are free of any serious criminal records. 

Because of its ‘temporary nature,’ the dems argue that it cannot be classified as “amnesty” and then turn the argument into a blame game against the Republicans. 

Their agenda is essentially to flood the labor market with illegal immigrants, benefiting only big tech companies like Apple and Facebook who have been lobbying for this bill. 

The dems are positioning this influx of illegal immigrants as a benefit to our economic recovery, “By adding workers to the U.S. labor force, supply chain problems will be alleviated, and we will have ample resources to repair and expand our national infrastructure,” as said on the provisions fact sheet. 

But this is will do no more than to displace the aspirations of American youth who seek jobs in the same field, “at a time when we are actively encouraging students in our home states to work hard, seek STEM skills, and aspire to the high-tech jobs of tomorrow, this legislation would create an unending, permanent pipeline of foreign labor for Silicon Valley giants to use in place of aspiring American youth,” Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., and Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., said in an op-ed for The Hill.

If this is what Biden’s Build Back Better plan is looking like for immigration, then who knows what else is in store for America… 

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