Biden Calls Trump Loyalists a Threat to Democracy

Biden is trying to cast Trump loyalists as a threat to democracy. This ridiculous claim shows how out of touch he is with the American people. Trump loyalists are patriotic Americans who love their country and want what’s best for it. They are not threats to democracy. They are the protectors of it.

Senate Democrats are standing behind Joe Biden’s offensive statement. They are standing by him even though he said something that was not right.

It shows that they are more interested in ensuring Biden can still manipulate the truth.

Biden Brands Trump Loyalists as Threat to Democracy

Biden charged Conservative allies of President Donald Trump with undermining the country’s democratic foundations. The demo-rat even urged voters to reject right-winged extremism this coming midterm election in November.

The demo-rat said, “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. As I stand here tonight, equality and democracy are under assault. We do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise.”

Senate dems even supported Biden’s portrayal of MAGA Republicans as a threat to democracy…

Dem Sen. Ben Cardin told Fox News, “I agree that those that have denied the legitimacy of the last election… or call the insurrection of Jan. 6 anything other than what it was. I think they are running a risk to our democratic institutions.”

He added, “Those of us who hold public office have a responsibility to tell the facts to our constituents, to defend our democratic institutions… sometimes with results we don’t particularly like… and to defend the democracy itself.”

Sen. Ron Wyde also shared his biased opinion. The demo-rat said, “He’s made it very clear that what he’s talking about is the fact that there are regrettably movements in this country… that are challenging the validity of the right of our citizens to vote.”

Patriot Leaders Slam Biden for His Hypocrisy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Biden of ignoring crime and inflation to criticize his citizens. The patriot leader emphasized how he divided America. He said, “Instead of trying to bring our country together to solve these challenges… President Biden has chosen to divide, demean and disparage his fellow Americans. Why? Simply because they disagree with his policies.”

Republican National Committee spokesperson Will O’Grady also shared about Biden’s hypocrisy. He told Fox, “Joe Biden bailed out wealthy college grads, yet is shy to mention it. Could it be because his bailout is extremely unpopular and out of touch? Or is it unfair to those who chose a different route or paid off their loans already? Or because it further fuels already rampant inflation?”

He added, “Regardless, this ‘win’ reveals who Joe Biden is. He is an out-of-touch, career politician who couldn’t care less about hardworking Americans.”

If Biden is Looking for Threats to Democracy, He Should Start With Himself 

Biden’s language lays the groundwork for the increased persecution of the basic rights of patriots. Moreover, it distracts citizens from what does threaten the foundations of our democracy.

This guy claimed he wanted to unite our people together. But he has done nothing but divide us since the day he became POTUS. This shows he is a perpetual liar. He has only done things to tear this country apart.

Ironic, isn’t it? The president and his party are the ones promoting the destruction of democracy.

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